How a bride dies at her own wedding and her sister marries the groom

How a bride dies at her own wedding and her sister marries the groom


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An Ohio high school student was met with a cruel punishment for missing football practice, and now eight coaches are on leave as a potential lawsuit takes shape. 

The student’s father said that his son, who is kosher, was forced to eat an entire pepperoni pizza while his team watched, and was told that the other players would have to complete extra drills if he didn’t partake in the punishment. His spot on the team was even threatened.

The boy’s Hebrew Israeli faith prohibits pork from the diets of its members. 

“I felt very upset, I felt disrespected,” the high school junior’s father said. “Makes you question if they are doing their job. Obviously, I feel the culture is broken.”

What happens next to the coaches, and how did  the school district respond?

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Should you play it safe or risk investing in meme stocks?

Short squeezes initiated by Reddit traders have created skyrocketing prices for previously struggling companies, like Gamestop and AMC.

These stocks have given rise to a new investment type: the meme stock.

Meme stocks are essentially those that have gained popularity largely in part to online forums and communication. 

Some investors have made substantial gains with meme stocks, while some experts warn that the money you could lose just isn’t worth it. 

What are the risks associated with them and are they worth your hard-earned money?

Plus, check out how much was lost in one day by short sellers.

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Video shows California houseboats high and dry thanks to a major drought

Multiple areas in California, including the city of Oroville, are experiencing a drought crisis. The dry conditions have only worsened this week, and the health of Lake Oroville is showcasing just how bad the drought is.  

The major lake is drying up quickly, and new photos and video footage are equally jaw-dropping to see. Dry lake beds are starting to be exposed and the water that is left is so low that houseboats are in danger of getting damaged or stuck. Many houseboat owners have pulled their floating homes from the water as they wait for water levels to rise again. At least 130 houseboats have been pulled from the lake due to the drought. 

Lake Oroville is not the only victim of the drought. Countless other reservoirs and bodies of water are at half capacity or have less than half of the water they usually hold. What else do we know about the historic drought and what does Lake Oroville look like at only 38 percent capacity?

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Five life hacks to increase your happiness

There isn’t a life hack to happiness, but there are ways of finding small moments of joy in your everyday life.

Activities like working out and meditating are all efficient in making your life fuller, but to reap benefits, they must be included in your habits and routines; they’re not quick hacks. Fortunately, there are some things you can do that can make you feel a little bit better and create room for self-care while only taking up a few minutes of your day.

Here are five life hacks to make you happier.

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How to seriously up your travel insurance game and protect yourself better

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Travel insurance is a smart purchase if you’re plunking down big bucks for non-refundable trip deposits. It’s also a smart move if you’re traveling overseas, where you likely want travel medical coverage in addition to the other helpful coverage types within a comprehensive policy.

Even smarter is using technology to streamline your trip and get the most from your travel insurance purchase.

Here’s everything you need to start your trip off right.

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