How this weekly paper in Nebraska is filling its need for news… and booze

How this weekly paper in Nebraska is filling its need for news... and booze

A small-town printer, responsible for publishing three weekly papers, decided to turn its back room into a liquor store, and it’s working out well for the town’s 357 residents. 

“We had all this space in the back that was not being utilized because we don’t have [printing] presses anymore. My husband and [my partner’s] husband tore down the presses, the old paper cutter, and all the antique equipment that we had that we weren’t using, and we just started remodeling this area into a super cool little liquor store.” 

Marcia Hora, who owns Creative Printers, and Kendra Cutler, who is the editor of The Stapleton Enterprise, hold tastings and bring their booze to community events. 

“We had our grand opening [in October 2020] and we sold $2,200 worth of alcohol in six hours,” Hora said. “At the whiskey and wine event, we took in over $2,000 in four hours. We had people drive three and a half hours to come here just to see it.” 

These days, alcohol sales contribute about a quarter of the printer’s sales. 

What other publishers are using people’s vices to bring in money? 

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