Gabby Petito's converted white van was spotted last month near Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming -- two days after the missing Long Island native was last heard from, her family says.

Lailuma comes from Panjshir’s Anaba district and led a quiet life as a tailor before conflict broke out last month. Men in the village led them to the mountains as they were being attacked.

Sarah Palin has not received the COVID-19 vaccine because she's already had the virus and recovered from it, "creating an immunity."

Some 19 days after the U.S. government claimed it thwarted an ISIS-K terror attack with a targeted drone strike on a terrorist bomber.

The case of Long Island woman Gabby Petito’s disappearance has reignited theories about a “zone of death” in Yellowstone National Park where a murderer could get off scot-free. The last text Gabby Petito sent her mother Nichole Schmidt said she didn’t have service in Yosemite National Park, where a glitch in the constitution could make a 50-mile...

In total, Border Patrol agents have picked up 130,710 unaccompanied children across the entire southern border between October 2020 and Aug. 31 this year.

The cruel Casanova told the woman that he needed the $25,000 for his trip back saying he had spent all his money getting from Afghanistan to Israel.

Jon Stewart said he received backlash after saying he believed the COVID-19 lab leak theory while appearing on Stephen Colbert's "The Late Show" in June.

The statement, released on behalf of the 22-year-old's parents by family attorney Richard Stafford, slammed Brian Laundrie for leaving Petito "in the wilderness"

A San Francisco woman, identified as Amy Adams, was killed when she was pulled onto subway tracks by her dog's leash after stepping off a train while the pooch remained inside.