Is the Chinese government committing genocide?


13-year-old pleads guilty in death of Uber Eats driver

The accident
Image Source: WJLA

A 13-year-old girl has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the DC death of an Uber Eats driver who was killed during a carjacking in the spring. 

NBC Washington reports that the teen’s accomplice, a 15-year-old girl, pleaded guilty last month to felony murder after the March 23 incident that left 66-year-old Mohammad Anwar, a Pakistani immigrant, dead. 

Prosecutors say on the day in question, the Maryland girls asked Anwar for a ride, only to pull a stun gun on him a few blocks later and try to take control of his Honda Accord. 

What happens now?

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Is the Chinese government committing genocide?


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Not even historically safe stocks are safe from market volatility anymore

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Big swings are becoming more normal and volatility has become a staple of the market. 

What’s with the sudden rollercoaster? Young retail investors, meme stocks, and more risks have caused the upswings and downswings. 

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Oreo turns cookie packs into alien peace offering ahead of congressional UFO report

Oreo has created limited edition packs as peace offerings for any potential alien visitors we may get. 

“The Offering” product encourages consumers to place an Oreo at the center of the pack — marked by an electric-blue, elaborate glyph-like cookie design — and with a clear view of the sky.

The social media-heavy promotion is tied to the release of a government report, commissioned by Congress, addressing unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in U.S. airspace. The declassified findings are due to be submitted by June 29 , according to ABC News, and have attracted widespread public interest.

Think the aliens will be interested?

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Presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy was gunned down on this date in 1968

A picture of Robert F. Kennedy speaking with a crowd of people behind him
Image Source: US News & World Report / Dick Strobel / AP

June 5, 1968 was a dark day in American history as Robert F. Kennedy was shot at a hotel shortly after winning the California presidential primary. 

Kennedy was speaking to a cheering crowd during a celebration of the primary win just after midnight at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles when the tragic situation unfolded. During Kennedy’s remarks, shots rang out and the popular senator was struck by several bullets. 

Several bystanders were wounded before the gunman could be wrestled to the ground and subdued. Kennedy died of his injuries the next day. 

Who was the gunman and how was he able to carry out his assassination plan of one of the most well-liked senators and presidential hopefuls in quite a while? 

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