What happens when a bear bites an Alaska man’s head in a gruesome attack?

What happens when a bear bites an Alaska man’s head in a gruesome attack?


What happens when a bear bites an Alaska man’s head in a gruesome attack?

Allen Minish in a hospital bed, with stitches visible on his head
Image Source: Allen Minish / AP

A 61-year-old man survived a near-fatal mauling while conducting a land survey in Alaska. A bear bit the man’s head multiple times, but he was able to stop the bleeding and call for help, officials say. 

According to state troopers, Allen Minish had been walking alone, not far from the road, when “he unknowingly walked up on an adult brown bear.”

“All of the sudden, I looked up, and about 30 feet away, there was this nice-sized brown bear,” Minish said. “And it looked at me, and it came at me. And I thought, ‘Great.’”

When the man’s attempt at seeking shelter didn’t work, he protected himself by grabbing the bear’s lower jaw. 

“Because if you grab a dog’s lower jaw, it can’t bite you,” Minish said. “So I got a hole punched in my hand with its molar, but he couldn’t close his mouth. And all he did was scratch my hand with his upper one.”

However, the bear was able to break free, and that’s when it went for the man’s head.

How did Minish survive the multiple bites to his head?

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