Two former officers charged in rough arrest of elderly woman with dementia

Two former officers charged in rough arrest of elderly woman with dementia


Two former officers charged in rough arrest of elderly woman with dementia

A 73-year-old woman with dementia, Karen Garner, says she was seriously injured following an arrest in Loveland, Colorado last year. An attorney filed a lawsuit on her behalf, claiming that the arrest dislocated her shoulder, broke her arm, and sprained her wrist. 

Yesterday, two former cops were charged for those serious injuries. According to officials, the police apprehended Garner last June after she was accused of stealing $13.88 of merchandise from Walmart. One of the ex-officers grabbed her arm and forced her to the ground, the body camera footage shows.

“Right now you’re resisting, which is not going to fly with me,” the 26-year-old cop can be heard saying. 

What charges do the two former police officers face right now?

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Relief for the postal service may be coming thanks to this

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What’s the trade-off for this deal, though?

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The Indian Navy is searching for 75 people missing at sea due to a major cyclone

Stranded people on a barge in the middle of the ocean being rescued by a helicopter
Image Source: CNN / Getty Images

India has been reeling due to a relentless wave of virus cases in a setback in its fight against the pandemic. But now the country is dealing with another health crisis: Cyclone Tauktae. 

The powerful storm slammed into the west coast of India a few days ago and was officially the strongest storm on record to ever hit the area. At least 40 people have been killed and hundreds of others are missing or stranded at sea.  

Among those known to be stranded at sea are oil workers who were left on their rigs during the storm, as well as fishermen and other boaters who were left in the path of the storm. A barge sank due to the powerful storm while 261 people were on board. A total of 186 people were rescued, while rescuers were frantically searching for the remaining 75 crew members.

What other types of damage did the cyclone cause and how is it affecting the country’s already tragic health crisis?

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