Two arrested on weapons charges near the White House

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A young Florida boy has been rescued after falling into a trash truck

Image Source: NBC News

Elias Quezada, a seven-year-old Florida boy, played outside his grandmother’s home when he decided to hide inside her trash can. He was scooped up and dumped into the sanitation truck as it collected trash in the neighborhood.

“I got picked up and thrown to where I was going to a mashed potato,” Elias stated. Luckily, the driver, Waldo Fidele, was trained to observe every can in the truck’s surveillance camera as it gets dumped into the back. Fidele immediately noticed something drop and turned off the truck’s blade. He promptly called 911.

Elias’s grandmother, Carmen Salazar, recalled that the boy had only been out for a short time when she heard the sanitation truck pull up. “I am very thankful that he was looking at that camera that time, and he acted so fast,” Salazar commented.


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Stock futures were on the rise early this morning after yesterday’s Presidents Day closure, and recent indicators show that investors are feeling confident right now.

“Fear is receding from the market,” said Fundstrat founder Tom Lee. “And receding fear is followed by systematic and quant funds adding ‘leverage’ — in other words, this is a set-up to see a rally.”

This lack of fear could be due to the vaccine rollout and anticipation of the economic recovery.

“[The virus] is far from defeated, but the path toward economic normalization is clearer as more vaccines that reduce hospitalizations and eliminate fatalities are approved,” one strategist said.

What else should you expect from the market this morning?


24 snack ideas that are delicious and heart-healthy

Image Source: MindBodyGreen

It’s difficult to find snacks that are both healthy and delicious, but lucky for you, we have 24 of them that meet that criteria.

If you like sweet treats like ice cream, then frozen bananas just might be the snack for you. Bananas are packed with fiber and nutrients and can even help improve your mood. Frozen bananas are not only healthy for you, but they are a yummy snack that can replace ice cream and other sweet treats that are loaded with sugar and other unhealthy items.

Another healthy and delicious snack is dark chocolate. This yummy treat includes heart-healthy flavanols, antioxidants, and bioactive compounds that are proven to reduce the risk of heart disease. What other healthy snacks made the list that you should try? 


It may seem contradictory, but taking a break while you’re working on something can actually boost your productivity. Our brains are designed with only so much mental focus available. As the day wears on, our ability to stay focused begins to fade. Eventually, you hit a crucial point where your productivity falls off a cliff.

The best way to recharge your mental batteries is to take frequent breaks during the day. It seems backward because we’re programmed to assume that frequent break-taking is a sign of laziness. That’s simply untrue.

By working for short bursts of time and taking a reasonable break in-between, you’re able to reset your focus and give 100% of your mental power to your tasks throughout the day. And before you dismiss it, neuroscience has proven that such a process works!

So the next time you find yourself running out of steam during the workday, take a step back and take a break.


Has the pandemic changed your views on retirement?

Image Source: US News & World Report

For quite some time now, experts in the field of “human capital” have predicted that we’d soon see this long-dreaded “retirement tsunami” hit. And what they meant by that was there was a big expectation that the federal workforce would age and more employees would become eligible for retirement.

And while people are aging, and some are becoming eligible, that “tsunami” they’d braced for never arrived. It’s hardly even been a retirement wave.

Here’s what I mean… Back in 2017, the Government Accountability Office estimated that 31.6% of the federal workforce would be eligible for retirement in 2022.

But in 2020, only 92,088 federal employees filed for retirement.

That’s the fewest in 10 years.

When was the last time we say retirement drop like this and what does it mean for the years ahead?

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