These sisters are accused of shooting homeless people with a BB gun


How a woman murders her friend with eye drop solution and then steals $130,000

Yellow “crime scene do not cross” tape
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A 37-year-old woman killed and stole from a family friend, authorities say. 

According to reporters for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Jessy R. Kurczewski apparently used eye drops to poison the victim, and then she carefully curated the scene to make it look as though that person had overdosed on medication. 

Kurczewski was apparently the victim’s caregiver at the time of the murder. The woman, who was pronounced dead when police arrived, was found reclining in a chair, with pill bottles and powder littered around her. 

“The state believes that [the] defendant has evidenced her capacity to take advantage of at-risk individuals and poses a risk to the public,” said a lawyer.

What else do we know about the story right now?

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These sisters are accused of shooting homeless people with a BB gun


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What possible effects could the infrastructure bill have on the stock market

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Regardless of how or if it will get passed, many are wondering more about the potential impacts the bill could have. 

On Friday, Biden rejected a counteroffer from a Republican negotiator. With negotiations continuing, it is difficult to determine when this bill could even pass.

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The CDC relaxed travel recommendations for 110 countries and territories

A traveler pushing suitcases inside an airport
Image Source: Frederic J. Brown / AFP

It’s officially getting easier to travel internationally, as the CDC released new travel recommendations for 110 countries and territories.  

The recommendations are based on a system of levels that range from 1-4. Level 1 means travelers can practice normal pandemic precautions while traveling freely in that country or territory. The CDC’s Level 4 means to avoid all travel. Levels 2 and 3 warn that there is risk involved in traveling, but you can do so with extra precautions in place. 

Tuesday’s new recommendations downgraded 61 countries to a Level 3, while another 50 were downgraded to Level 2 or Level 1. The eased restrictions also include Japan, which is timely due to the Olympic Games being held there next month. 

What does this mean for the summer games and what other countries received new CDC travel levels in the revised recommendations? 

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You need the most clever storage hacks of all time in your life

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Will overdraft fees soon be a thing of the past?

Statement showing multiple overdraft fees
Image Source: Overdraft Apps

Overdraft fees are considered one of the most common and expensive checking account fines; even more so since customers can get dinged more than once in a single day. 

Last year, Americans shelled out more than $12 billion in overdraft fees. 

In a stunning announcement, Ally Bank said it is eliminating overdraft fees on all accounts.

“Nationwide, more than 80% of overdraft fees are paid by consumers living paycheck to paycheck or with consistently low balances — precisely the people who need help stabilizing their finances,” Ally Financial CEO Jeffrey Brown said in a statement. “Eliminating these fees helps keep people from falling further behind and feeling penalized as they catch up.”

Will other banks soon follow suit?

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