Police say one man is dead after a skydiving accident

Police say one man is dead after a skydiving accident


Police say one man is dead after a skydiving accident

If you’ve ever considered skydiving, stories like this one will have you thinking twice. 

Over the weekend, a tragic accident in Florida led to one man’s death, and a close call for a second skydiver. 

After jumping out of a plane, the pair crashed into one another, their open parachutes tangling them together. The man who died was unable to reopen his parachute after the collision, unlike the other skydiver.

Authorities arrived at the DeLand Municipal Airport on Sunday to find the man’s body in the parking lot, where he had landed, hard. 

Witnesses attempted to save the man by giving him first aid, but their efforts were unsuccessful. 

The man’s name, as well as the identity of the other skydiver, has not been released.

What else do we know about the story at this time?

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What is an ice jam and how did it flood this entire Alaskan village?

A photo of Buckland, Alaska underwater
Image Source: Alaska’s News Source / Donita Jones

An entire Alaskan village is underwater due to an ice jam of historic proportions. 

Ice jams are common during spring in Alaska, but they rarely cause flooding to the extent that the Buckland community is now facing. An ice jam occurs when temperatures rise and river ice melts and begins to break up. Large chunks of ice are then carried downstream and can become lodged in narrow river passages, blocking the flow of the river.  

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