How to accomplish more in less time

Nov 13, 2020

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Nurse charged with the murder of eight babies
Image Source: ABC News

Lucy Letby, a nurse accused of being involved in eight infant deaths, was remanded into custody, a day after being charged with murder and attempted murder. Letby appeared via video link during a hearing at Warrington Magistrates’ Court.

Letby was arrested following an investigation into deaths at the neonatal unit of the Countess of Chester Hospital. Police launched an investigation into the deaths of several babies at the hospital in May 2017. This was the third time Letby was arrested in connection with the deaths.


The ''Monster Wolf'' robot

Image Source: CBS News

The residents of a town in northern Japan have been increasingly concerned by the potential of bear attacks. Sightings have hit a five year high. There have been dozens of reported bear attacks this year, two of which have been fatal.

In response to the increased bear sightings, the town purchased and installed “Monster Wolf” robots. The scarecrow-like robots have hairy bodies, manes, and glowing red eyes. Motion detectors activate them. The hope is the robots will frighten off bears and decrease the number of sightings.


Calculating productivity in the business world is pretty straight forward. But what does it mean for your everyday life? What does productivity look like for the average person?

Some experts have simplified the productivity formula to mean how we make certain choices in specific ways in our daily pursuits. For too many people, being productive is synonymous with being busy, but that’s not the case.

Once you have a full grasp of what it means to be productive, you can set out to find ways to better accomplish your goals rather than trying to keep your calendar full of mind-numbing tasks.

Check out his helpful article that explains actual productivity for regular people!

More Productivity Hacks

How to accomplish more in less time


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Market Watch look at futures

Image Source: MarketWatch

Futures pointed to positive gains across the stock market today, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average about 119 points higher, and the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq also showing gains.

This news follows yesterday’s dip as investors speculate about what the increasing number of coronavirus infections and hospitalizations mean for the economy. In Chicago, for instance, residents have been asked to cancel their Thanksgiving plans and stay indoors. In New York, curfews have been issued on bars, restaurants, and gyms.

Meanwhile, Disney and Cisco saw shares in their companies increase after posting better-than-expected results in their earnings reports. Disney leapt more than 3%, while Cisco increased over 6% during after-hours trading.


Did you retire before 70? And are you sad that your checks are smaller than they could have been?

The likely culprit is those pesky penalties you get hit with if you claim social security before your full retirement age (FRA.)

But even if you wait until after you’ve reached your FRA, you’re still missing out on the opportunity to boost your income with delayed retirement credits.

While it does sometimes make sense to start collecting social security early, it could still be a decision you later regret.

If you’re in the early retirement regret stage, don’t give up hope. You may have options.

In fact, there are three possible ways you can solve your problem.

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