This hurricane season is one for the record book

Nov 12, 2020

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What flavor did McDonald’s add to broccoli as an attempt to encourage kids to eat healthier?

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A nurse has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder
Image Source: ABC 27

A nurse has been arrested in Germany on suspicion of attempted murder following allegations that he gave three patients overdoses of drugs they weren’t supposed to receive. It is speculated that the nurse was trying to rescue his patients heroically.

The nurse has denied the accusations. Police said they would check for any further possible victims or irregularities from the time he worked there. 


A potent storm system leaves many without power in the Midwest

Image Source: Fox News

Tens of thousands of people are without power across the Midwest. A storm system brought severe weather and several inches of snow that caused hundreds of crashes across Minnesota.

The snowstorm was part of a frontal system heading eastward, which caused severe weather for locations to the south. The same front behind the weather and snow in Minnesota is sweeping East, bringing rain and thunderstorms.


Market Watch look at futuresImage Source: MarketWatch


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While there are still many questions about safe and effective education during a pandemic, parents and students have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to virtual learning.

Most importantly, routines matter. Establishing routines that work with your family dynamic and take into account your student’s strengths and weaknesses goes a long way.

Having realistic and reasonable expectations is also crucial. Remember, this is new territory for thousands of learners, teachers, and caregivers across the country.

Take a moment to check out these other important virtual learning tips as we all work to get through these unparalleled times!

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How to talk to your adult kids while you're planning your estate
Image Source: Eric Audras | ONOKY | Getty Images

Estate planning isn’t easy – and because it deals with what happens after our lives literally end, it can be too easy to put off for too long.

But even after you get focused and gain some momentum in your planning, the tough part isn’t here.

It seems like the toughest part comes after your estate plan is ready.

Once your will is ready, beneficiaries are named and all of the documents are signed and assigned to an executor of your estate – that’s when the hard part comes.

You know, the part where you sit down to discuss it all with your adult children!

So, should you share that information at all? And if so, how?

“This is a tricky one and definitely depends on the family,” said Kristi Sullivan, a certified financial planner and owner of Sullivan Financial Planning in Denver.

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