How hot can we expect this summer to be across the US?

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This state passes a bill criminalizing protestors who “insult” police

This state passes a bill criminalizing protestors who ''insult'' police
Image Source: Fox News

Kentucky’s state Senate passed a bill on Thursday that would make it a crime to “taunt” a police officer. The bill was proposed in response to frequent protests in Louisville last summer. Some of the demonstrations, sparked by the police shooting death of Breonna Taylor, turned violent. 

The bill passed Kentucky’s Senate 22-11. The House will now debate it. Under the legislation, anyone who “accosts, insults, taunts, or challenges a law enforcement officer with offensive or derisive words, or by gestures or other physical contact, that would have a direct tendency to provoke a violent response” would be guilty of a misdemeanor. He/She could face up to 90 days in jail and fines.

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He revolutionized online payment processing with PayPal….

He is revolutionizing space exploration with SpaceX and the auto industry with Tesla.

And now Elon Musk is getting ready to unveil his next big project.

S.A.V. will change everything…. and make a lot of people rich.

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This is your recap market recap for the week

Both the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the 10-year Treasury yield logged massive gains yesterday, with the Dow closing 293 points ahead, and rates climbing to levels not seen since before the pandemic started. 

The 10-year yield increased to 1.642%, which caused tech stocks to suffer. 

Still, the S&P 500 closed 0.1% ahead, while the Nasdaq logged a 0.59% loss, which was still better than earlier in the day. 

“The economy is going to be unbelievably strong this year — deficit spending, reopening, vaccines,” said Gregory Peters of PGIM Fixed Income. “It looks like for next year, all the numbers are being revised higher. So this thing could have some sustainable growth, so I think there’s going to be pressure on rates moving higher.”

What else should you know about last week’s performance, and what is on the economic calendar for the week ahead?

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Winter Storm Xylia, a potentially historic blizzard, hits this weekend

Snowfall Forecast Through Monday
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A potentially crippling, historic snowstorm will pummel parts of the Rockies and High Plains this weekend with more than two feet of snow in some areas that could snarl travel, damage trees and knock out power in parts of Colorado, Wyoming and western Nebraska.

The storm has been named Winter Storm Xylia (pronounced ZEYE-lee-uh) by The Weather Channel.

Winter Storm Xylia is also forecast to produce flooding rain and several days’ worth of severe thunderstorms in other parts of the Plains and Mississippi Valley.

This is a dangerous storm ahead with potentially life-threatening impacts.

Check out the timeline to know what to expect and where.

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How hot can we expect this summer to be across the US?


After a year of quarantine, studies say spring cleaning could be a major mood booster

Spring cleaning, especially shared surfaces like bathrooms and kitchen counters, can help you minimize the spread of viruses and bacteria, and promote a healthy immune system. By deep cleaning your spaces for dust, dirt, pet dander, and more, you can help your respiratory wellness by preventing common allergy triggers, too.

Not only will you make sure you’re protected against illnesses, studies have shown that decluttering your spaces can give your mood a major boost too, and help you focus if this year has left your brain feeling a little scattered. 

Can’t commit to downsizing your stuff? Just rearranging what you already have in your home, from clothing to decor, can make a world of difference if you’ve been under lockdown, so you won’t feel like you’ve been staring at the same indoor scenery a million times.

Check out these tips to help you figure out where and how to start.

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8 tips for maintaining your health while working from home

A woman working in a home office on a laptop
Image Source: FlexJobs

Staying healthy while working from home can be a little difficult, but there are eight tips you can use to make it a little easier. 

Ensuring you stay hydrated throughout the day is one of the best things you can do for your health. It can be easy to get distracted while working from home and forget to drink enough water. So if you need a reminder, put a bottle of water on your desk in plain view so it will prompt you to drink water throughout the day. Failing to stay hydrated can lead to digestive issues and mood swings, which is not a good combination when you’re trying to work.  

Another way to stay on top of your health while working from home is to schedule exercise throughout the day. It’s easy to remain sedentary for too long while working at home, so ensure you are making time for stretches, a walk, or even a brief workout routine. How else can you maintain your health while dealing with remote work challenges?

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