Four of the deadliest days in US history were reported last week

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Three workers unaccounted for in a power plant collapse

Image Source: Gannett

Two workers have been hospitalized, and three additional workers are still trapped after a building at an Ohio power plant collapsed early Wednesday morning. Adams County Sheriff Kimmy Rogers said rescue workers are in contact with one of the trapped workers who is stuck beneath the rubble.

That worker can communicate as rescue efforts continue while the other two workers are still unaccounted for. There have been two fatalities thus far reported. The cause of the building collapse is currently unclear.


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President-elect Joe Biden has made lots of promises starting on “Day One” or early in his presidency…

He’s promised to undo many of Trump’s tax cuts… boost workers’ rights to unionize… ban natural gas leasing on federal lands… pass new anti-discrimination protections… rescind Trump’s travel bans… and much, much more.

Not to mention the changes we’ll inevitably see because of all the new money printing and debt that’s accumulated over the past few years…

And that progressives will soon usher through Congress…

There’s absolutely no doubt that the next few years are going to see massive transformations to our financial system.

Which is why Porter Stansberry, Founder of Stansberry Research, says there are 
3 critical steps every American must take with your money, starting immediately.


After logging losses yesterday, all three major averages were on track for gains this morning, futures indicated. Futures on the Dow Jones Industrial Average were up 50 points. The S&P 500 and the Nasdaq 100 futures were also on the up and up.

Yesterday took its downward turn after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that lawmakers were “still looking for a way forward” when it comes to a bipartisan relief package.

Some analysts predict, however, that the stock market will skyrocket next year as a vaccine is distributed. JP Morgan had this to say:

“We expect markets to be driven by recovery from the [pandemic] crisis at the back of highly effective vaccines and continued extraordinary monetary and fiscal support.” 


These exercises will help you get better sleep

Image Source: Glodio Glow Studio!

If you’re looking to get better sleep, certain types of exercise can actually help you get some quality shut-eye.

Walking daily is actually a great way to help improve your quality of sleep. Studies show that walking helps you destress and wind down from the day, so you can hit the sack without all of the stress and anxiety of the day still on your mind. For the best results, walk early in the evening for about 30 minutes while listening to your favorite music.

Another exercise that can help you get some shut-eye is jumping rope. Since it is a rhythmic exercise, jumping rope can help soothe anxious and overwhelmed minds. The key to achieving that is counting your jumps, as this is proven to help calm your mind and put you at ease while you focus on counting.  Are there other types of exercise that can help you sleep better?  


The most important thing about time management is to realize it’s an entire myth. You can’t manage time. There are always 24 hours in a day.

What you’re actually managing is how you make use of the fixed amount of time you have. Once you understand that, time management won’t be as difficult as you think.

And before you can start to work on using your time more efficiently, you should first look at how you waste it every day.

Make a list of things you do that aren’t productive or efficient uses of your time. You’ll be surprised how long that list is. Once done, you’ll have a better understanding of where you can make improvements.

If you want solid time management tips to help you become more productive at work and home, take a look at this checklist to get started!


King Edward VIII abdicated the throne for love

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He had been in power for less than a year. But that was enough for one English monarch.

And he became the first one to willingly abdicate the throne.

He made this move after the British government, the public and the Church of England condemned his wishes to marry an American divorcée by the name of Wallis Warfield Simpson.

He gave a radio address on December 11, saying:  “I have found it impossible to carry on the heavy burden of responsibility and to discharge the duties of king, as I would wish to do, without the help and support of the woman I love.”

On the next day, his younger brother, the duke of York, was proclaimed King George VI.

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