Feds to address the crisis of missing Native people

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Feds to address the crisis of missing Native people

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The Justice Department has hired eleven specialized coordinators to help develop national standards to address missing and slain Native American women. The Trump administration released a report Thursday outlining the work of a task force created under an executive order.

The group met with tribal leaders and helped set the standards applicable to new and unsolved cases of missing or murdered people in Native American communities. The task force is establishing a framework to help connect local and federal law enforcement officials to clear up any jurisdictional issues that could arise in the cases.

The work is expected to continue for another year.


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The stock market was set for a lower open this morning, as the wait for additional stimulus continued. Dow futures pointed toward a 200-point loss while the other two major averages also indicated decreases early Friday.

“The tenor of headlines out of Capitol Hill around stimulus sounded a bit better than Mon-Wed but there’s still no sign of a breakthrough,” wrote the Vital Knowledge founder, Adam Crisafulli.

It remains to be seen how Republicans and Democrats will set aside their differences on funding for state and local governments, direct payments, and other forms of unemployment assistance.

The impasse continues at a time when more and more Americans are filing initial claims for unemployment. In last week’s government report, there were 853,000 new claims.

What’s next and what does all of this mean for the markets?


The best home gym equipment that will keep you fit all winter

Image Source: Runner’s World

If you’re looking for home gym equipment options for your at-home winter workouts, we have the list for you.

One of the most popular pieces of equipment of the year is the rowing machine. Rowing is great for your cardiovascular health, and most rowing machines don’t take up a lot of space in your home. And while it’s not a total body workout, rowing still works your lower body as you fight to power each stroke.

Another option to add to your home gym is simple, yet most people don’t even think about it: a nice exercise mat. You can get a variety of mats, including some that are soft and padded to help with your joints, and even smart mats that can talk to you during your workout. Either way, an exercise mat is a staple for the gym and your knees and back will thank you later. What else should you add to your home gym for your winter workouts? 


Some of us keep our car’s trunk completely empty, while the rest of us keep enough stuff crammed in there to allow us to live in our car for months. In all seriousness, though, there are a few essential things you should always have in your vehicle, just in case.

First, organize what you need in your car into three main categories: maintenance and repair, safety, and convenience. Of course, you can buy premade emergency kits at any automotive store, but building a DIY kit can be more cost-effective and allows you to customize your setup.

And the most important thing to bring along on any road trip? Duct tape! Believe it or not, you really can fix just about anything with duct tape in an emergency.

Check out the full list here, and start building your DIY roadside emergency kit!


Thinking about retiring overseas? The 50 best countries to go

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Everyone dreams about the day they can finally retire. But a lot of those retirees aren’t just thinking about retiring – they want to retire abroad.

If you think an exotic locale is exactly what you need, then you’ve only started your journey. Because there’s a lot more you still need to know.

And to do that, you need to identify the 50 countries that are the cheapest places to live during your retirement without jeopardizing your health or your happiness.

The countries in this lineup are ranked by four affordability metrics: cost of living, average rent, the grocery index and local purchasing power index.

But there are also several quality of life metrics to consider.

Here’s how it all breaks down…

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