Are you making this 401(k) investment mistake?


How did cops finally crack the case of 21 tons of missing nuts?

A pile of nuts
Image Source: Getty Images

Imagine the confusion that cops must have felt when they received the call about stolen nuts. 42,000 pounds of stolen nuts. 

Employees of Touchstone Pistachio company noticed 21 tons missing from their inventory and called to report the crime. Detectives were able to trace the theft back to 34-year-old trucker Alberto Montemayor, who has since been arrested. 

In a Facebook post, authorities detailed the odd scheme. Apparently, a pistachio-filled tractor-trailer was moved to a different location and the nuts were then being sorted into smaller bags. The plan was to resell them, officials say. Authorities say the pistachios were valued at over $100,000. 

“I guess you really ‘cracked’ this case,” one person said  on the social media post. “Guy must’ve been ‘nuts’ to think he could get away with it.” 

Montemayor could face surprisingly serious consequences for a case of stolen nuts.

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Are you making this 401(k) investment mistake?

If you see an unclaimed $5 on the ground, you pick it up, right? Maybe you look around first to see who’s paying attention, but you still grab the cash and claim it as your own.

And yet, according to a new Vanguard report, claiming free money is something many 401(k) investors are failing to do. 

In fact, the report found that 34% of 401(k) investors are missing out on this free money

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California’s severe drought just revealed the wreckage from a 1960s plane crash

An overhead shot of a California Lake during a drought
Image Source: Patrick T. Fallon / AFP

California’s severe drought may have just helped solve a decades old mystery of a missing plane. 

Due to lake levels hitting historic lows because of the abnormally dry conditions, what appears to be the wreckage of a plane was uncovered last week. In 1965, two planes collided mid-air over Lake Folsom, with one of the planes crashing into the lake with four people on board. 

Only one body was recovered and the plane was never found. Authorities conducted two extensive searches, one in 1965 and one in 2014, with both being unsuccessful. Now with the help of the severe drought, the wreckage has finally been located. Who found it and will authorities attempt to recover the plane? 

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50 of the most educational family vacation ideas

When considering your next family vacation, many emotions can come over you: excitement, stress, and happiness at the thought of spending time with your family. It is essential to pick a vacation spot that everyone in your family will enjoy, which can be difficult depending on your children’s ages and interests.

Many families are opting for vacations with an education element to them, which has become a trendy option over the years. Many parents feel that a vacation is another learning opportunity. This fast-growing travel option is gaining popularity as parents look for more ways to combine their love of travel with a chance to make teachable moments.

If you are looking for top destinations with educational elements, you will be surprised at what these vacations could include.

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If you’re thinking of retiring early, take these 3 things into consideration first

An older woman meditating.
Image Source: Getty Images

You may be ready emotionally to retire before your full retirement age, but what about financially?

Making sure that you can live out your retirement years in comfort instead of strain is crucial before making this huge choice. After all, these are the years you could be unable to work regardless of how willing you are. You need to be sure you’re double-checking when you tick off those boxes.

Make sure to factor in these three things before you do anything else.

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