More parts of a dismembered man’s body are discovered in this disturbing case

More parts of a dismembered man's body are discovered in this disturbing case

Adam Richard Johnson, 36, was brutally murdered and dismembered in Minneapolis, and his body parts have been scattered in three separate areas, authorities say.

Investigators discovered the third site of Johnson’s remains yesterday morning, along the Mississippi River. The first two locations were found last week. 

A spokesperson for the local police department, John Elder, said the incident was “disturbing,” and “a pretty different case.” 

So far, the slaying seems to be a “very focused attack” as opposed to a random act of slaughter. 

“There’s no words to describe how I feel and the heartache that I have now that my children know,” said Johnson’s ex-girlfriend, who is also the mother to one of his kids. “How do you tell a 4-year-old that they’re never going to see their dad again? I find out the nature of this crime and how horrific and how heinous this crime is, you can’t tell a child that.”

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