A high school football coach forced a Jewish student to eat pork as punishment

A high school football coach forced a Jewish student to eat pork as punishment


An Ohio high school student was met with a cruel punishment for missing football practice, and now eight coaches are on leave as a potential lawsuit takes shape. 

The student’s father said that his son, who is kosher, was forced to eat an entire pepperoni pizza while his team watched, and was told that the other players would have to complete extra drills if he didn’t partake in the punishment. His spot on the team was even threatened.

The boy’s Hebrew Israeli faith prohibits pork from the diets of its members. 

“I felt very upset, I felt disrespected,” the high school junior’s father said. “Makes you question if they are doing their job. Obviously, I feel the culture is broken.”

What happens next to the coaches, and how did  the school district respond?

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15 destructive wild elephants are racing toward a major city in China

A herd of elephants in China
Image Source: Hu Chao / Xinhua News Agency / Los Angeles Times

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The 15 elephants have left a trail of destruction along their journey over the last several months. While they have crossed highways and trampled fields of crops, they have mostly stayed out of inhabited areas. That is until now.  

Residents in the city of Kunming in China’s Yunnan province were bracing for the unruly elephants as they raced closer and closer toward the city this week. The elephants threaten to destroy parts of the city and could potentially injure residents as well. 

What are officials doing to brace for and address the potential disaster? 

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