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Congress reaches an agreement on a relief package

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Congressional leaders reached a deal on a $900 billion COVID- economic relief package. This deal includes $600 direct payments to Americans and $300 in enhanced unemployment for the next ten weeks.

The $600 checks will only go out to individuals making less than $75,000 a year or couples making less than $150,000. Similar to the CARES Act, individuals earning between $75,000 and $100,000 will receive gradually smaller payments while individuals making $100,000 or more will not receive a stimulus check.

Millions of U.S. families are struggling to pay their bills, and layoffs remain historically high.


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Stocks were set to plummet this morning, futures indicated. Dow Jones Industrial Average futures fell 1.7%, while S&P 500 futures dropped 1.9%, and Nasdaq futures fell 1.3%.

Despite various pieces of good news —the stimulus relief package is on the way, and the Moderna vaccine was granted emergency use approval–investors were focused more on the mutated strain of the virus in the U.K.

“There was actually a lot of encouraging news this morning, although it’s being overshadowed (for now) by the gloomy headlines out of the U.K.,” said Adam Crisafulli of Vital Knowledge. “The market has been in a tug-of-war between the very grim near-term [virus] backdrop and the increasingly hopeful medium/long-term outlook (driven by vaccines)–the latter set of focus are more powerful in aggregate, but on occasion the market decides to focus on the former, and stocks suffer as a result.”


This is when it's best to lease a car

Image Source: YouTube

Buying a car is a significant financial decision. In general, there are two ways in which you can purchase your next vehicle: leasing or buying. While they may seem similar, they’re two completely different things, and many people don’t realize that leasing is an option.

When you’re buying a car outright, you’re purchasing it as your property. If financed, the car becomes yours the moment you make the last payment. Leasing, however, is like renting. Even though you’re making payments, the car isn’t yours.

There are times when leasing a vehicle makes more sense than buying. If you have no desire to own a car, then leasing is fine. You’ll have lower monthly payments, you’ll get a new car every few years, and you rarely have to worry about paying for maintenance. But there can be a few drawbacks as well. Keep reading to learn all about leasing your next car.


A recent study unveiled a mental health “tool kit” that anyone can use to improve their mental well-being.

The tool kit is based on four pillars: awareness, connection, insight, and purpose. Each of the pillars can help people work through mental health issues, especially ones induced by the pandemic. Dr. Courtland Dahl, one of the leading researchers that helped identify and develop the four pillars said, “There are qualities of a healthy mind that many people do not know are even trainable.”

Dahl went on to say that by focusing on the four pillars “We can learn to be in the driver’s seat of our own mind.” So, how do the four pillars help you improve your mental health anyway? 


The top business and tech trends of 2021

Image Source: Inc. Magazine

If there’s one lesson we learned from 2020 it’s that anything can happen. And although the world has become a lot more unpredictable of late, that doesn’t mean that we can’t dig deeper for insights and hints of what 2021 might have in store.

And a lot of that hinges on how we imagine the customer experience in a post-pandemic world.

Because even with this crisis ends, there will be changes in customer preferences and business models that will be here to stay.

Digital nomadism, philanthropy, and sustainable development goals (SDG) will be the biggest buzzwords of 2021, and we will also see rapid changes in top technological and business innovation — all based on people’s experience during the pandemic.

Here are a few technology and business trends we will see unfolding in 2021.

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