What happens now to this suspect of the “duffel-bag murder?”


A seven-year-old was mauled to death by dogs while looking for his Chihuahua

Shamar Sherif Jackson’s school picture
Image Source: Marion County Sheriff’s Office

Carnell Jackson never imagined that when he returned home on Sunday, he would find his seven-year-old, straight-A first grader dead. Shamar Sherif Jackson had been looking for his pet Chihuahua with his brother this weekend when they were attacked by a pack of dogs, authorities said. 

“They couldn’t get away because [there were] so many dogs coming from different directions,” the boy’s father said. 

The investigation continued into the week as authorities attempted to find the dogs that mauled Shamar to death. 

Although a handful of canines have been seized so far, criminal charges still have not been filed, and the fate of the animals remains unclear. 

What else do we know about the tragedy as the investigation continues?

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What happens now to this suspect of the “duffel-bag murder?”

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A Canadian man is now facing terrorism charges for this terrible crime

A video report about the new charges in this case
Image Source: Getty Images

Nathaniel Veltman, 20, was arrested last week after intentionally running over a Muslim family with his truck in Ontario, Canada. Veltman now faces terrorism charges in the anti-Muslim crime that killed four members of the family.  

The incident is being referred to as a hate crime, as officials say that Veltman sought to kill the Muslim family he targeted. Veltman also drove away and left the scene after running over the family of five. Canadian law enforcement authorities said Veltman’s terrible crime should be treated as terrorism. 

Veltman is also facing charges of first-degree murder and attempted murder, but he has yet to retain a lawyer. What else do we know about this case and how is the sole survivor, a nine-year-old boy, doing right now? 

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