Two people are dead and ten more are missing after a boat flips near Key West

Two people are dead and ten more are missing after a boat flips near Key West


Two people are dead and ten more are missing after a boat flips near Key West

Two people are dead and ten more are missing after a boat flips near Key West
Image Source: U.S. Coast Guard Southeast / Twitter

On Sunday, a group of 20 people left Puerto de Mariel, in Cuba. By Wednesday evening, their boat capsized off the Florida coast, leaving at least two people dead. 

On Thursday afternoon, eight of the passengers were rescued about 16 miles away from Key West, according to officials, but 10 more people are still missing.

According to the Key West command center supervisor, Senior Chief Seth Haynes: “Our responders are focused on the search for survivors. We will continue to search … for those reported missing, and if any mariners see or hear anything, to render assistance if possible and contact the Coast Guard.”

What else do we know about the search and rescue efforts so far?

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This U.S.-China trade deal is already going under and it’s only phase one

As the trade deal between the U.S. and China runs into its second year, Chinese purchases are still running short of the agreed amount, according to the U.S.-based Peterson Institute for International Economics.

The two-year agreement is set to end in December. Chinese purchases of U.S. goods fell more than 40% short in 2020, according to the institute.

The two sides reached the phase one agreement after trade tensions escalated under former U.S. President Donald Trump, who sought to reduce the trade deficit with China. However, that trade gap has only increased amid the pandemic, which prompted more U.S. imports of face masks and other goods. Now, talks have stalled.

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How do banks handle unauthorized transactions?

A man contacts his bank by phone.
Image Source: Getty Images

Banking fraud is an unfortunate fact of life these days. At some point when reviewing your monthly checking account statement or online activity, you may notice a purchase you didn’t make. What should you do next?

If you find any unauthorized transactions have occurred in your checking account, it’s important to handle the situation right away. When fraud involves a debit card rather than a credit card, the process can be a bit different.

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These hacks can save you time (and a headache!)

Small tips in several areas of life may help us save time and money, avoid uncomfortable situations, and manage our environment more effectively. Not to mention the headaches that can come from everyday annoyances.

Each of these hacks is a great way to come up with a unique solution to a common problem using everyday items. Plus, the simplicity of them will leave you feeling much more calm. 

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79 years ago, the world’s best-selling song was recorded by this iconic singer

A picture of Bing Crosby
Image Source: NY Post / Getty Images

On May 29, 1942, Bing Crosby recorded the world’s best-selling single of all time: “White Christmas.”

The iconic holiday favorite set a Guinness World Record for selling 50 million copies, taking home the title of the best-selling Christmas song of all-time in addition to the world’s best-selling single. 

Crosby first performed the song on Christmas day in 1941 during the Kraft Music Hall radio show, and the crooner’s rendition of the song became an instant hit with fans around the world. 

And while many consider the song a heartfelt, feel-good Christmas anthem, the song actually has a pretty dark and sad back story.

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