Trump to issue around 100 pardons and commutations – here’s what you need to know

Trump is suing Big Tech and its CEOs

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Trump to issue around 100 pardons and commutations - here's what you need to know

Image Source: CNN

President Donald Trump is preparing to issue around 100 pardons and commutations on his final full day in office. His list includes white-collar criminals, high-profile rappers, and others. One name notably not on the alleged list is Trump himself.

The January 6 riots that led to Trump’s second impeachment have complicated his desire to pardon himself, his kids, and his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani. Advisors have encouraged Trump to forgo a self-pardon because it would appear like he was guilty of something. Additionally, Trump has been advised not to grant clemency to anyone involved in the US Capitol siege. However, at this time, only Trump knows what he will do with his last bit of presidential power.


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It’s been almost two weeks since the riot at the Capitol left five people dead. But the political upheaval that led up to that point, and all the chaos that followed, has done little to mess with stocks.

If you’re left scratching your head, wondering why there is a disconnect between the market and Washington, you’re not alone.

“The market looked at the action…It looked right through it like it wasn’t even there,” said Josh Brown, who is the CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management. “But that is not out of character. That is what stocks have historically been able to do.”

Why is that?

“There really isn’t any signal when you are thinking about these horrific events. Why isn’t the stock market being sentiment about it? Because it just isn’t. It’s about interest rates and earnings and not even about the present but about the future,” said Brown.

What else should you know when it comes to political drama and long-term investing?


The best tips for paying off your credit card debt

Image Source: Dave Ramsey

Unfortunately, many Americans struggle under the burden of credit card debt thanks to impulse buying and living beyond our means. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can tackle that overwhelming debt without stressing out.

When considering how to approach your credit card debt, be sure to focus on cards with the highest interest rates. The interest you accrue on your credit cards is the number one reason why credit debt is so suffocating. If you don’t keep it in check, a reasonable balance can grow into an insurmountable mountain of financial regret.

And being sure to pay more than the minimum is another way to whittle away at that ballooning interest. It may be tempting to pay as little as the credit card company will allow, but it’s a bad decision.

Finally, be prepared to consult with a credit repair firm if it all seems too overwhelming. There are plenty of reputable ones that will help you get on the right track. Don’t give up! If you stay focused and use these tips, you’ll have your debt problem solved in time!


It’s important to keep a pulse on your mental health, but what is the best way to do a self-check?

Have you ever noticed a friend or loved one wasn’t acting like they usually do and they seemed off mentally and emotionally? Just as you would check on them when you notice those red flags, you need to pay attention to your own red flags and check in on yourself, as well. It’s important to find a quiet place to self-reflect and ask yourself how you are doing, if you’re still enjoying the same things, and if you’re still adequately fulfilling family, professional, and personal roles in your life.

You also need to take a good look at the feelings you’ve experienced and the behaviors you’ve exhibited lately. Are you more moody? Have you been lashing out at others? Taking a physical inventory will also help. Are you eating and sleeping well? Depending on how you answer these questions, it could point to depression, anxiety, and other mental health and emotional issues. How else can you keep a check on your mental health and what can you do if you think you need help?  


Do you want to buy but don't have enough of a down payment?

Image Source: Zillow

While there’s a lot of uncertainty out there right now, there’s one thing that’s for sure – mortgage rates are remarkably low.

Maybe that’s why you’re itching to buy right now.

But what if you haven’t been able to squirrel enough away for a respectable down payment? The good news is that you have some options.

The first option is something known as PMI or private mortgage insurance. This is something used to help you get approved for a mortgage without having to come up with the full 20% of a home’s purchase price for the traditional down payment.

While PMI can add to your debt burden, it is a great way to work around not having enough saved to buy a home right now.

But it isn’t your only option. Here are two more ways you can help make it happen.

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