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A woman is lucky to be alive after being trapped for ten hours

Image Source: ABC News

An unnamed woman is fortunate to be alive after spending hours trapped under an awning when it collapsed under the weight of heavy ice and snow. The incident happened midday on Monday in a Chicago suburban community. The woman had gone outside to shovel snow in her backyard when her home’s awning gave way.

The woman spent more than ten hours trapped by the awning and under several feet of ice and snow. “She was trying to call for help, but being her head was inside of the awning, nobody was able to hear her,” said Chief Michael Cesaretti of the Schiller Park Fire Department.

The woman was finally discovered around 10:30 that evening.


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Perfect Stock Caught Trading Under Secret NameThis is just bizarre…

We have just uncovered perhaps the most unusual stock we’ve ever seen.

It’s expected to see massive revenue in 2020 – $100 billion.

The company holds over 29,000 patents in the U.S.

It pays an enormous dividend.

And yet…

It’s ultra-cheap – less than $3.


This morning stock futures were pointing to opening losses for the most part, though Dow Jones Industrial Average futures swung between minor gains and declines. S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 futures slipped 0.3% and 1%, respectively.

Investors have been anxious about rising rates, which could prompt a rotation into bonds.

“Our base case is that rates will continue to rise due to increasing growth and inflation expectations and, eventually, Federal Reserve normalization,” said one strategist. “We also believe if rates move too high too fast, the Fed will intervene to make sure rising rates don’t become too restrictive and disrupt equity markets or the real economy.”

Meanwhile, the government also releases its latest look at initial jobless claims early this morning, and several companies will report their most recent earnings reports.


If you want good sleep, you need to avoid this

Image Source: Zee News

If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, you might be making a few mistakes that could be costing you some quality shut-eye.

Keeping your phone too close to you at night could be one of the things disrupting your sleep. It’s easy to scroll on social media or keep texting people long past your bedtime just because your phone is close to you. The increased screen time also keeps your brain wide awake for several hours. Also, if your screen lights up when you get notifications throughout the night, that can be distracting as well.

But there’s one thing, in particular, that could be impacting your sleep more than anything else, and trust me, it’s not what you think. So, what is the one thing you need to avoid in order to get better sleep? 

More Headlines For A Healthier You

Is it healthy to quickly lose weight?


Life hacks are simple, inexpensive, and clever tips and tricks that make life a bit easier. Many times, life hacks are so simple yet brilliant that we think to ourselves, “why didn’t I think of that?” That’s why you’ll find this list of some of the most popular life hacks very useful.

Did you ever stop to think about how you could use a cardboard box and some old paper towel tubes to organize loose cables?

Or how about using the USB slot on the back of a hotel TV to charge your phone? It’s incredibly convenient when you’re traveling and forgot the charging brick for your phone.

Like iced coffee, but hate when it gets watered down? Next time, put leftover coffee in an ice tray and use the ice cubes to keep your iced coffee cold without getting watered down when the cubes melt.

And did you know that you can use unscented dental floss to cut soft foods like cake, cheese, and bread? You’ll get perfect lines and never make a mess.

There are so many more clever life hacks that will make your life easier and more efficient, and you can start implementing them today!


The new mail van has dropped - this is the future of USPS

Image Source: Motortrend

As you can see in the image above, the formal replacement of our “traditional” mail trucks may take a little getting used to.

After all, it’s been a long time since the government has shaken things up in the postal department transportation. The Grumman LLV mail van that we’re used to has been placed with the NGDV you see up top. That stands for Next Generation Delivery Vehicle.

The government has spent years looking for a successor to the Grumman, and after a lot of consideration, the USPS has settled upon the Oshkosh Defense multi-billion dollar contract to design and build the mail van of the 21st century.

That turned out to be pretty bad news for Workhouse – a competitor that wasn’t chosen for the task at hand. And the company’s stock has taken a huge hit.

So, what made the USPS opt for the Oshkosh NGDV?

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