Tiger Woods was calm and lucid after the crash

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Tiger Woods was calm and lucid after the crash

Image Source: CNN

Golf legend, Tiger Woods, was involved in a one-vehicle rollover crash on a California road stretch known for speeding and accidents. Woods was driving shortly after 7 a.m. when the SUV he was using crossed a median and went across two lanes of road before hitting a curb, a tree, then landing on its side off the roadway.

The Los Angles County sheriff’s deputy, who was the first to arrive, said that Woods was still in the driver’s seat, wearing his seatbelt and lucid. The golf legend was calm but potentially in shock. He didn’t seem concerned about his injuries at the time.

Firefighters used a pry bar and an ax to extricate the golfer. They put Woods in a neck collar and on a backboard and took him to the hospital in stable condition with severe injuries to both legs. Here’s what else we know about the crash.


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Futures this morning were mixed, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average slated for an approximately 23-point gain when the market opens. The S&P 500 remained steady, and Nasdaq 100 futures slipped 0.2%.

Meanwhile, the world’s largest digital currency bounced back today, once again surpassing $50,000.

And Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell will address the House of Representatives Financial Service Committee today.

His commentary during a Senate Banking Committee hearing helped ease investor anxieties about increasing bond yields.

One strategist said that the market indicated a pullback, though the overall picture for stocks still looked bright.

“We’re still in the earnings of a new economic expansion,” said Marci McGregor of Bank of America Merrill Lynch. “Our view is we’re in a long-term secular bull market. We heard from Jay Powell today, and it sounds like he still has his foot on the gas.”

What else should you know about the market this morning?


Is this the best diet for weight loss?

Image Source: The Today Show

It’s tough to find the best diet for weight loss with so many options out there to choose from. But health experts think they may have finally pinpointed one.

While many people go on a low carb or Keto diet to lose weight, and others go for the Mediterranean diet for the same, a recent study surprisingly doesn’t credit those diets with being the best for weight loss. Taking home the title for the best diet for weight loss was a vegan plant-based diet.

During the study, participants on a vegan plant-based diet lost an average of 13 pounds each, while there was no meaningful change in weight for those on the Mediterranean diet. Additionally, people on a vegan plant-based diet also lost visceral fat, the toxic fat between organs. So, what makes a vegan plant-based diet so effective for weight loss?


Dealing with an overflowing inbox can give you a constant headache. Having to sort through hundreds of emails every day to find the important ones will slow you down every time. That’s why inbox organization is so important.

Keeping your inbox decluttered needs to be a daily practice. Create a routine that you follow every day. Set a time where you sit down and sort through emails, discarding the ones you don’t need. Make it a habit.

If you don’t have one set up already, be sure to create a file system for your inbox. It allows you to keep everything organized based on each email’s level of importance, making it much easier to keep your workday running efficiently.

And don’t “panic check” your email! There’s no need to go through your inbox every five minutes. Pop in every 30 minutes or hour if needed, but no more frequently than that.

With these tips and tricks, you’ll have your inbox cleaned up and organized in no time. And you’ll see your productivity get a nice boost too!


Today is the anniversary of World War II's bizarre 'Battle of Los Angeles'

Image Source: History.com

It’s only fair to admit that, even all of these years, the bizarre Battle of Los Angeles remains a mystery to many.

I mean, think about it – nerves were already on edge due to the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the day before the infamous “battle” took place, a Japanese submarine was spotted off the coast of Santa Barbara. They actually went as far as to fire on an oil field in the area.

The next day, tensions and paranoia reigned over the region. But that evening, well into the next morning, things got crazy.

The height of the craziness peaked on the 25th, at about 2:00am.

And the craziest thing is that – to this day – no one knows exactly what happened. They’re just pretty much 100% that the “attackers” definitely weren’t Japanese.

But what were they?

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