This backcountry guide was mauled to death while fishing near Yellowstone

This backcountry guide was mauled to death while fishing near Yellowstone
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This backcountry guide was mauled to death while fishing near Yellowstone

A grizzly bear
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A grizzly bear attack near Yellowstone National Park left a backcountry guide dead over the weekend, officials said. Charles “Carl” Mock, had been fishing just west of the park prior to the bear attack.

“The man had bear spray with him, but it’s unclear whether he was able to deploy it during the attack,” officials from the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department said. 

Though he did receive treatment, Mock suffered a stroke and passed away on Saturday. He was 40 years old.

According to investigators, the bear appeared to have been defending a food source when it charged at Mock. The odds of such an attack in Yellowstone itself are about 1 in 2.7 million visits.

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Dow futures fall 150 points as stocks are set to fall for a second day

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Dow Jones Industrial average futures fell 155 points, or 0.5%. S&P 500 futures lost 0.4%. Nasdaq 100 futures also shed 0.4%.

Tech stocks were weak again in premarket trading today with shares of Tesla and Nvidia lower.

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How to get your retirement savings back on track during the pandemic

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If surviving the pandemic meant moving your money around, nobody’s blaming you. Many of us had to think quickly to land on our feet as the economy went topsy-turvy. Now that things are looking a little more stable, though, you might find the time to get back on track.

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How the two-minute rule can help crush procrastination

Overcoming procrastination and laziness can be tricky, but it doesn’t always have to be. A strategy that couldn’t be easier to use is the two-minute rule, which is designed to help you stop procrastinating and stick to good habits simultaneously. The rule is simple: Starting a new routine should never take more than two minutes to do.

A new habit shouldn’t feel like a challenge. The actions that follow can be challenging, but the first two minutes should be easy. Making a habit as easy as possible to start will lead you down a more productive path.

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This female driver became the first ever in history to win an IndyCar race 13 years ago

A smiling woman crosses her hands over her heart.
Image Source: How Do You Get Rich Online

On April 20, 2008, a female race car driver forever left her mark on the sport of auto racing when she unexpectedly claimed a victory in the elite IndyCar series.

Driver Danica Patrick was behind the wheel for Andretti Green Racing, a team partially owned at the time by racing legend Mario Andretti. The race was Patrick’s 50th career start and it marked her third full year in the IndyCar series. 

Patrick’s win came at the Twin Ring Montegi track – a 1.5 mile oval course in Japan. She took the checkered flag a whopping 5.8594 seconds ahead of Helio Castroneves, a then two-time Indy 500 champion. After her win, Patrick left the IndyCar series in 2011 for NASCAR and then fully retired from racing in 2018. 

So what is Danica Patrick up to now? Rumor has it that she might be getting back into racing in an unexpected way.

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