The sky over the East Coast is about to get pretty colorful today

The sky over the East Coast is about to get pretty colorful today


Map of where and for how long it will be visible
Image Source: News Observer

Sunset along the East Coast could prove alarming Saturday, including green and violet “spherical clouds,” according to NASA.

Reports of UFOs are likely, but the source will be a four-stage rocket launch from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, the space agency says.

The launch is scheduled for 8:02 p.m. and will likely “provide a brief light show for residents of the eastern United States and Bermuda,” NASA said in a news release. Clear skies could make it visible as far west as the Mississippi River, officials said.

What else can you expect?

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Is the S&P 500 all you need to retire a millionaire?

Many employees aspire to retire as millionaires, and it’s an attainable dream. 

According to a Charles Schwab survey from 2020, the average worker expects to need about $2 million to retire comfortably.

However, saving so much money can be difficult. If you’re making an average wage, it may seem difficult to become a millionaire someday.

The good news is that you don’t need to be rich or a stock market whiz to become a millionaire. In fact, all you need is the S&P 500.

While you can’t invest in the S&P 500 itself, you can invest in funds that closely track it—such as S&P 500 ETFs or index funds. These include the same stocks as the S&P 500 itself, and they’re designed to mirror the index’s performance.

After all, investing in these can give you a pretty nice advantage in the stock market.

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A giant sequoia is still smoldering from a 2020 wildfire

The tree seen smoking
Image Source: National Park Service

A giant sequoia has been found smoldering and smoking in a part of Sequoia National Park that burned in one of California’s huge wildfires last year, the National Park Service said Wednesday.

The smoldering tree was found recently by scientists and fire crews surveying the effects of the blaze, which was ignited by lightning last August and spread over more than 270 square miles of the Sierra Nevada. It took five months to fully contain.

How is the tree still smoldering after so long?

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Joe Biden looks to sell child care, education plan with state-specific pitches

The U.S. ranks among the lowest among the wealthiest nations that offer child care benefits and paid leave benefits, which also contributes to one of the worst child poverty rates among developed nations. 

The coronavirus pandemic laid bare the gaps in child care as millions of women were forced to leave their jobs and shoulder the burden at home. 

But an expansion of social welfare programs is likely to be a tougher sell in the narrowly divided Congress than Biden’s plan to infrastructure. 

Biden and other top administration officials are traveling around the country, hitting the airways and dialing up lawmakers to push the package.

But one often overlooked aspect is that the White House expects states to pick up some of the cost–10% initially and 50% eventually.

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How to teach teens about budgeting as a life lesson

A woman going over papers with her daughter
Image Source: Today

Budgeting in terms of percentages can be an easier way for teens to learn about saving and will allow them to use this as they bridge the gap into adulthood. 

Cherry Dale, a Financial Coach with the Virginia Credit Union, says to keep it simple. Help them create three categories. Since teens don’t have a lot of living expenses it’s the perfect time to show them how much they can save up.

If you can teach them to save in percentages, it also becomes much easier when they become adults and living expenses come into play as typically it should not be more than 30% of your income. 

So, what’s a good percentage to start off with and to what?

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Use this free budgeting calculator to get in control of your finances

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