Man pleaded for the safe return of 5-week-son days ago, now charged with murder

Man pleaded for the safe return of 5-week-son days ago, now charged with murder


Man pleaded for the safe return of 5-week-son days ago, now charged with murder

Man pleaded for the safe return of 5-week-son days ago, now charged with murder
Image Source: WSFA

An Alabama man, who spoke at a press conference on Wednesday and said that the safe return of his 5-week-old son Caleb “C.J.” Whisnand Jr. “would mean everything” to him and the baby’s mother Angela Gardner, has now been charged with murder. 

Not long after that press conference, the infant was found dead in a wooded area and Caleb Whisnand Sr., 32, was arrested and charged with manslaughter. As of Thursday, authorities said the charge was upgraded to capital murder.

The infant was reported missing after Whisnand went into a gas station and came back to find the baby missing. 

The murder case is not the only criminal matter Whisnand has to contend with, either.

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U.S. retail sales were unchanged in April after surging a month earlier

U.S. retail sales unexpectedly stalled in April as the boost from stimulus checks faded, but an acceleration is likely in the coming months amid record savings and a reopening economy.

Coming on the heels of news this month that hiring slowed in April amid a shortage of workers, the weak sales could cause anxiety about the economic recovery.

Households have accumulated at least $2.3 trillion in excess savings during the pandemic, which should underpin spending this year.

Much of the surge in consumer spending last quarter occurred in March, which set a higher growth base for consumption heading into the second quarter.

Economists polled by Reuters had forecast retail sales would rise 1.0%. Economists polled by Dow Jones had expected a more modest 0.8% increase.

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Yesterday, some notable mortgage rates declined. Here’s how that can affect you

Scraps of paper with various mortgage rates printed on them
Image Source: CNN

A handful of principal mortgage rates sank Friday. Average 15-year fixed mortgage rates stayed the same, while average 30-year fixed mortgage rates sank. 

The average rate of the most common type of variable-rate mortgage, the 5/1 adjustable-rate mortgage, tapered off. 

Although mortgage rates fluctuate, they are at a historic low. Because of this, right now is a great time for prospective homebuyers to lock in a fixed rate. 

Before you buy a house, remember to consider your personal needs and financial situation, and compare offers from different lenders to find the best one for you.

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Why creating systems is better than establishing goals

For many of us, we’re serial goal-setters. We find it easy to set goals and love to dream big. When it comes to reaching those goals, though, that’s another matter.

The problem isn’t your goal-setting ability. Instead, our inability to reach those goals often comes down to our modus operandi, our system for reaching them.

While setting goals is important, if you aren’t creating a process to continuously achieve them, you will fail more often.

Why exactly is this method better for succeeding?

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It’s Madeleine Albright’s birthday! Learn more about the former secretary of state

Madeleine Albright sitting in a chair on stage
Image Source: ABC News / Horacio Villalobos / Corbis via Getty Images

Today is Madeleine Albright’s 84th birthday. She is best known for being the first female US secretary of state.

Albright had a storied political career that allowed her to break barriers and shatter the glass ceiling by holding prestigious roles for a woman at the time, including serving as a US ambassador to the United Nations and eventually becoming the US secretary of state.  

A native of the Czech Republic, Albright immigrated to England with her family and eventually the United States. Albright’s career started with teaching, which is the field she would ultimately end her career with after her tenure as secretary of state. 

What other fun facts do you need to know about Albright and her career?

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