Illinois trio charged with beating, strangling police officer over traffic stop


A Hollywood Hills attempted robbery left one dead, multiple injured

Hollywood sign
Image Source: Fox News

One person is dead and another four people are injured after a shooting occurred outside the Hollywood Hills, Calif. home of the Fashion Nova CEO. 

The suspects, wearing ski masks and armed with handguns, followed the victims from their vehicles and forced them onto the ground. They then removed their jewelry and other property. 

An armed security guard for the executive exchanged fire with the armed suspects before they returned to their vehicle and attempted to flee the scene.

Here’s what happened.

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Illinois trio charged with beating, strangling police officer over traffic stop

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Do you know the signs of a market bubble and impending crash?

Investing in the stock market is a risky venture, especially over the last year with the market’s volatility seemingly out of control. 

While day-to-day movements are rarely huge, there are still times of dramatic corrections or even crashes happening. 

On average, a 10% correction will hit the market averages about once per year, while a 20% or greater “crash” occurs about every three years. 

While these setbacks can be intimidating, as long as you know and understand the warning signs and proceed with caution, there’s nothing to fear. 

Take a look at some of the most common signs of a stock market bubble that could potentially lead to a crash.

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Not even Google has all the answers…

BuzzFeed is going public, but what’s it really worth?


NASA’s new chief had strong words for Congress recently

A photo of Bill Nelson
Image Source: NASA

NASA’s new chief had strong words for Congress recently when discussing the Artemis moon project that is set to take astronauts back to the surface of the moon. 

Bill Nelson, NASA’s top administrator, is putting pressure on the US government to make a decision soon on the contract protest for its lunar lander for the upcoming Artemis moon missions so the project can move forward. The lander contract was disputed after NASA awarded the project to SpaceX. 

In situations like this, a contract is usually awarded to at least two companies, but NASA cited a lack of funding from the US government as its reason for selecting a sole contractor. 

But the government isn’t happy that NASA took this route, and had pointed questions for Nelson this week. NASA’s top chief fired back though and put Congress in their place. 

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Rare tornado in the Czech Republic wreaks havoc

An unusual tornado, accompanied with tennis ball-sized hailstones, struck the Czech Republic, killing at least three people and injuring scores more.

In the town of Hodonin, 83 individuals were injured and treated at a local hospital. According to the hospital’s director Antonin Tesarik, 45 people were admitted to the hospital, six of them were in critical condition.

What else is known at this time?

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A scientific guide to help you in setting and reaching your goals

Person cutting a piece of paper that reads ''I can't do it'' to make it read ''I can do it''
Image Source: Empathia

Our world is full of goal setters. Not one? You can change that.

We establish objectives for our careers, health, and general well-being. It appears that modern culture constantly encourages us to consider the next milestone. 

However, we don’t always give enough thought to the science and strategy of achieving your objectives. 

Whether you’re setting personal goals or professional goals, this guide will explain everything you need to know

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How to set SMART goals to achieve the life you want

Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started. Here are some tips to help you

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