How this ex-state trooper pleads guilty after these horrible texts


This is what happened to the man who slapped President Macron

President Macron
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The man who slapped President Emmanuel Macron will spend the next four months in prison, and he has lost all of his civic rights for the next few years, French authorities say.

Damien Tarel, who is 28, apparently assaulted the president in a village known as Tain l’Hermitage — an incident he later described as “slightly impulsive.” 

Tarel said he had been “filled…with disgust,” when the president approached him to shake hands. 

“The slap would not have taken place if Macron had not gone directly to me,” the man said. “Otherwise I would have questioned him directly on political issues.” 

For his part, Macron described the assault as “foolish and violent.”

“We get used to a hatred on social networks which then normalizes, and when we meet face to face, we have the impression that it is the same thing, that is unacceptable,” he said. 

What else do we know about the incident?

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How this ex-state trooper pleads guilty after these horrible texts


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When can we expect the worst of inflation to hit?

U.S. consumer prices have already seen some increases, which experts believe may be an onward trend throughout the summer before calming down in the fall. 

Last month, the consumer price index rose by 0.6%. 

As I told you guys previously, it’s managed to hit an all time high since 2008.

How are investors taking the news and what else are experts saying?

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4 homes within 1 mile of each other were all struck by lightning

A picture of a lightning strike
Image Source: Science Mag

It’s not everyday your house gets struck by lightning. It’s even more rare that your neighbor’s house gets struck at the same time. Earlier this week, that very thing happened multiplied by two. 

When a strong storm system moved through the state of North Carolina on Monday, reports of intense lightning were submitted all across the state. In one particular area, the lightning was so bad that a house was struck in a neighborhood, and then another was struck. 

Shortly after that, two more homes were struck by lightning in the same area. In total, four homes all within one mile of each other were all directly struck by lightning. What city in North Carolina did the bizarre quadruple strikes take place and what kind of damage did it cause?

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Bad parenting: signs, effects, and how to change it

It’s a question we’ve probably all asked ourselves after a particularly rough day: “Am I a bad parent?” It’s easy to feel like your parenting skills are below par in a moment when nothing seems to be going your way, and you’ve exhausted your patience completely. However, the fact that you’re concerned about whether you’re making the right parenting choices is a good sign that you’re not, in fact, a bad parent.

Every parent has those moments where they lose their cool. We’ve all made less-than-stellar parenting choices in a moment of frustration or confusion. We stress over whether we were too harsh when we yelled at them earlier, if we could have handled that tantrum better, or whether we doled out the appropriate consequences.

Here’s how to spot the signs of bad parenting and tips on focusing on the positive regarding parenting.

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10 useful things to consider when comparing health insurance policies

A laptop screen that reads, “health insurance.”
Image Source: ACKO Blog

With health issues on the rise, many are finding that they need to buy new health insurance or revisit their existing policies. Unfortunately, the financial solutions for different ailments aren’t always as readily available as the medical treatment itself.

That’s why it’s important that you find the best, most comprehensive coverage for your unique situation and health risks. And in order to do that, you’ll need to do some research.

Luckily, someone’s done a bit of the legwork for you. Here are helpful tips that you should take into account when comparing health insurance policies.

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