How a skateboard led to mass shooting hysteria

How a skateboard led to mass shooting hysteria


How a skateboard led to mass shooting hysteria
Image Source: The Dallas Morning News

A man with a skateboard sparked hysteria inside a Texas mall yesterday afternoon. He was in the food court when he slammed his board against the ground, and then pretended to shoot patrons, officials say. 

“That sound obviously caused a panic,” said the chief of the Dallas Police Department. “When the crowd started running the individual focused on that and then began doing hand gestures as if he was shooting into the crowd, which then further escalated the situation.” 

Officials say that the man did not have a real gun, but had still managed to create a chaotic frenzy at the NorthPark Center mall. 

What else do we know about this incident so far?

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Markets are often weak in June, but this could make or break things

Historically speaking, June is a rather lackluster month in regards to stocks. May had mixed performance closing out the month and Bespoke Investment Group points out that over the past 50 years, the Dow has gained just 0.12% in June and has been positive 52% of the time.

 But over the past 20 years, June was far weaker, gaining only 40% of the time. June’s performance is tied with September as the worst month of the year, with an average Dow decline of 0.7%, according to Bespoke.

Friday’s Jobs Report will present how May did overall as well as the ISM readings on manufacturing and services being reported later this well. 

The Fed meets June 15-16, and already market pros are anticipating it will be the most important event of the month.

What can you expect moving into this month?

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This chilling video of twin tornadoes shows them heading right for a house

A photo of twin rope tornadoes
Image Source: The Weather Channel 

An unusual weather event was caught on camera in Nebraska this past week. And if the rare event wasn’t enough, the dangerous path the storm took made for a chilling and tense video. 

A man caught twin rope tornadoes on camera in Dundy County, Nebraska, on a day when dozens of tornadoes were reported across the state. The twin tornadoes are seen twisting around each other through what appears to be an open field.  

But the mesmerizing footage turned scary quickly when the man recording realized that both tornadoes were on a collision course with a house. The man can be heard yelling at the tornadoes “don’t hit that house” as they barrel toward the residence. 

So was the house miraculously spared or did the tornadoes hit the home?

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If you don’t have time to research retirement investments, do this instead

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Saving for retirement is only one step on the road to accumulating wealth. You’ll also need to invest your savings so that your money not only grows, but grows at a rapid enough clip to outpace inflation.

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