A major shortage of chlorine could spoil everyone’s summertime fun

A major shortage of chlorine could spoil everyone's summertime fun
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A major shortage of chlorine could spoil everyone's summertime fun
Image Source: In The Swim Blog

Just when you thought we might be safe to have a little fun this summer, here comes the bad news.

The worst chlorine shortage our country has ever seen is set to rain out this summer’s pool season.

“It’s been a concern for us,” said Cody Saliture, owner of Texas Pool Professionals, which has been in business for 17 years.

In some parts of the country, pool supply stores have imposed quantity restrictions. In other areas, prices for chlorine tablets have already doubled from last year.

What’s leading to this severe shortage and can anything be done about it in time to save this summer?

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Joe Biden is president…

But if you think that’s bad for the stock market… think again.

Biden has released an incredible economic force.

The same economic force that helped build the incredible bull market of the 1990s…

A market that minted a whole new generation of millionaires.

I’m talking about unchecked government spending.

Today, government spending in certain areas of our economy could send a handful of stocks soaring to new heights…

Matt McCall — America’s #1 stock picker — just named 5 stocks that he believes could skyrocket during this Biden boom…


More earnings, April’s big jobs report and inflation worries could swing markets in the week ahead

April’s jobs report and a barrage of earnings news make for another busy week for markets, as the calendar rolls into May.

Stocks notched solid gains in April, as REITs, consumer discretionary names and communications services companies outpaced the broader market, all more than 7% higher. However, April finished on a sour note, with stocks selling off on Friday.

So far, a record 87% of S&P 500 companies have beat earnings estimates, and earnings look to be growing by more than 46%, according to Refinitiv.

What can you expect each day next week?

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The devastating situation in India is a world crisis

A scene from a waiting area in a makeshift hospital in India
Image Source: Reuters / BBC

There are two pandemic-related scenarios playing out globally. One can be found in the United States, where abundant supplies of the vaccine and declining virus cases can be found. But in places like India, deadly cases of the virus are on the rise and vaccine supplies are non-existent.  

While some countries are easing restrictions and counting down the days when life will be “normal” again, people in India are struggling to survive. The death toll continues to soar as the country’s hospital system has been brought to its knees.  

As more and more people are turned away from ill-equipped hospitals, as oxygen continues to be in short supply, and as hundreds and thousands are buried or cremated each week, it’s a sobering reminder that the pandemic is not over. It’s also a wake up call for the need for a global response to the pandemic. 

What would that type of global response look like? And would it help prevent devastating surges like the one India is currently experiencing?

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These are the best hacks for a bountiful harvest from your garden

Whether it is your first time growing a garden or you’ve been a gardener since childhood, these gardening hacks are a must. This list has something for gardeners at every level. It also includes fun ideas that add beauty and fun to your garden experience. 

Check out all these garden hacks to make your garden thrive this year.

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5 huge retirement risks and what to do about them

An older couple sits on the beach.
Image Source: Getty Images

Retirement should be one of the best times in your life. But older Americans face some substantial risks—and if you aren’t prepared for them, they could turn your later years into a stressful time instead of a reward for a lifetime of hard work.

The Center for Retirement Research has identified five specific big risk factors retirees often face and need to plan for. Here’s what you need to know.

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Don’t just assume your taxes will be lower in retirement. Here’s why

All the latest news for those planning or living in retirement

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