1979 contract murder of federal witness tied to former Tennessee governor


A bloody trail leading from a gas station takes police straight to victim’s door

Police tape with a blurred police car in the background
Image Source: Yahoo!

Police responded to reports of an injured person at a gas station. Once on the scene, the officers found a man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

While investigating, officers found a bloody trail leading away from the gas station. Following the trail led them to a nearby apartment where a woman had also been shot.

An infant was found in the apartment thankfully unharmed.

This is just the latest gruesome crime that has rocked Georgia’s capital. Just how bad is the crime rate and what else is known at this time?

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1979 contract murder of federal witness tied to former Tennessee governor

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Wall Street muted as eyes turn to next week’s Fed meeting

Stocks were mixed at the close of a fairly boring week this week with few big catalysts and remaining worries about inflation. 

For the week, the S&P and the Nasdaq have set a course to post gains from last Friday’s close, while the Dow was on track for a weekly loss.

But the indexes have been range-bound, with few catalysts to move investor sentiment. Much of the focus centered on Thursday’s consumer price data, which eased jitters over the duration of the current inflation wave.

“It’s a quiet day going into the weekend, volume is low and that’s to be expected,” said Matthew Keator, managing partner in the Keator Group, a wealth management firm in Lenox, Massachusetts. “We had a big inflation number this week and the markets seem to be taking it in stride.”

What should you know going into next week?

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Here’s how to make your home office your happy place.

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It’s been 5 years since the Pulse nightclub tragedy in Orlando, Florida

Hundreds of memorial items left outside of the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida
Image Source: NBC News / John Raoux

On June 12, 2016, a tragic shooting took place at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. 

A terrorist gunman forced his way inside the club and immediately opened fire into the crowded building. Nearly 300 people were packed inside the club at the time of the shooting. Armed with an AR-15-type assault rifle and a handgun, the gunman fired shots as a band played. 

Many thought the loud pops were part of the show, until reality set in. As club goers scrambled to get out of the club with their lives intact, Pulse nightclub officials posted a chilling Facebook message that said, “Everyone get out of Pulse and keep running.”

In total, 49 people tragically lost their lives in the shooting and dozens more were injured. Who was responsible for the horrific crime and which terrorist organization was he affiliated with?

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