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Navy SEAL sentenced for role in a Green Beret's death

Image Source: ABC News

Tony DeDolph, a U.S. Navy SEAL, has been sentenced to ten years in prison for his role in the U.S. Army Green Beret’s hazing death. DeDolph received the sentences from a jury of fellow service members at a Navy base in Norfolk, VA. He pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and related counts.

DeDolph had placed Army Staff Sgt. Logan Melgar into a martial-arts-style chokehold to try make him temporarily lose consciousness. DeDolph’s actions were intended to be a prank. Melgar died of strangulation.

DeDolph is one of four service members – two SEALS and two Marines – to be charged in Melgar’s 2017 death in the African country of Mali. The case has pulled back the curtain on misconduct among some of America’s most elite service members while offering a brief window into how some have addressed grievances outside the law.


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Futures tied to the three major indexes were flat this morning, as investors prepare for a massive day of corporate earnings. The Dow Jones Industrial Average saw a 50-point gain before the bell, while the S&P 500 barely increased 0.1%, and Nasdaq 100 futures experienced losses.

Already traders heard from General Electric and Johnson & Johnson. Both stocks saw their shares increase after their finance data was released, with GE increasing 6%.

Verizon’s report is also due this morning, while Microsoft will share its earnings after the market closes.

One strategist doesn’t think the earnings reports will have much of an impact on stocks because of the recent bullish options buyings and the market’s overall trend higher.

“That’s the kind of setup that’s poised for disappointment,” said strategist Julian Emanuel.

What other economic data will investors sift through today?


Eat these 5 foods every day to stay healthy

Image Source: The Beet

If you’re looking for new ways to improve your health, adding five specific foods to your diet could help.

Eating berries daily can give your health quite the boost since they are known to be anti-inflammatory. On top of that bit of good news, berries also help improve the function of blood vessels and can even improve insulin resistance in some people.

Dark chocolate surprisingly made the list of foods you should eat to improve your health. It’s best to eat dark chocolate with 70 percent cocoa or higher to reap the most benefits. Dark chocolate has even been proven to lower the risk of heart disease by as much as 57 percent. What other foods do you need to add to your diet to improve your health?


Setting up a home office space ranks as a necessity for more workers than ever before. Many businesses were already increasing the number of work-from-home positions in their company before the pandemic hit. But how can you pick a home office setting that allows you to be just as productive at home as you are at work?

A truly healthy and productive setup isn’t as simple as plopping your laptop on your coffee table and calling it an office. It would be best if you had a dedicated spot that allows you to be free from distractions.

You also need to make sure you have the technology necessary to make working from home as stress-free as possible. That means you’ll need more than just your laptop. So how can you make your home workstation as efficient and productive as possible? Well, here are the most important tricks and hacks that can make it happen.

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On this day in 1924, the first Winter Olympics were held

Image Source: Today In History

While the Olympics are a tradition that goes all of the way back to ancient Greece, the Winter Olympics are actually a whole lot newer than that. They were first dreamed up back in 1921 when the International Olympic Committee gave its patronage to a Winter Sports Week that was scheduled for 1924 in Chamonix, France.

The event turned out to be such an incredible success – attracting over 10,004 paying attendees – that it was retroactively named the First Olympic Winter Games.

Here were a few of the biggest winners of this first Winter Olympics, as well as a few of the more memorable highlights.

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