Will Big Tech’s attempts to cancel Trump backfire?

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Will Big Tech's attempts to cancel Trump backfire?

Image Source: Fox News

Twitter and other tech giants miscalculated when they decided to restrict President Trump and the social media platform Parler. Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer warned that history proves such action simply radicalize those targets. “Censorship doesn’t get rid of ideas. It creates a dangerous underground. That’s what we are seeing. It won’t end well.”

Fleischer discussed this controversial topic on “Bill Hemmer Reports.” Bill Hemmer noted that syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh told his audience on Monday that “we” – meaning conservatives and the conservative movement – “are being censored out of existence.”

While we can agree that the president has put himself in this position, it is still Twitter that has erred.


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Stock futures were indicating minor gains in the market this morning, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average on track to open approximately 65 points ahead.

The positive momentum follows a dip among all three of the major indices yesterday. The Dow fell 90 points, while the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq Composite slid 0.66% and 1.25% respectively.

Investors were concerned on Monday about the contrast between high stock valuations and the pandemic and political storm playing out alongside the rally.

“Historically, when momentum and sentiment indicators are this stretched, the market is due for a period of consolidation,” said Mark Hackett of Nationwide.

Which stocks were some of the biggest losers in Monday’s trading?


The best ways to get out of a bad mood

Image Source: Psych Alive

Nothing can ruin your day quite like getting caught in a bad mood. It happens to the best of us. And though circumstances can often justify our mood, bad moods tend to make everything worse.

But what exactly causes us to slip into the realm of grumpiness? Some psychologists believe that exceeding our personal stress threshold triggers it, while others theorize it’s a subconscious reaction to our ego getting bruised. Regardless of the cause, there are steps you can take to get out of your foul mood and into a positive mindset!

Reminding yourself to be grateful for the things you have in life is one way to brighten your mood. It’s humbling and reveals that whatever puts you in such a disagreeable mood is insignificant in the long run.

And believe it or not, physical exercise can almost instantly melt away your dark and gloomy disposition thanks to the release of endorphins that alter your mood.

If you’re still down in the dumps, be sure to try these other sure-fire ways to get yourself out of a bad mood and back on track to living a life full of positivity!


There are four healthy snacks you need to add to your diet that are not only good for you, but they can help improve your sleep as well.

Tart cherries are a healthy snack that are packed with melatonin, the natural hormone that helps you fall asleep when needed. So if you’re not producing enough melatonin on your own, be sure to add a handful of cherries to your bedtime snack routine. Tart cherry juice also works just as well, if not better, at improving the quality and duration of your sleep.

If you’re still having trouble sleeping, think about having breakfast for dinner and be sure to load up on the eggs. As it turns out, eggs have high levels of melatonin as well. Eggs also have L-ornithine, which is an amino acid that improves the quality of your sleep. What are the other two snacks that can help you fight insomnia and restless nights?  


Timely Comics hits the press for the first time

Image Source: Los Angeles Times

If you’re wondering where you’ve heard that name before, let me remind you…

Timely Comics was pretty much the “Acme” of the early comic book arm for the publisher Martin Goodman. It was first founded in 1939 during an era that would become known as the “Golden Age” of comic books.

Timely was the umbrella name for the comics division of the pulp magazine publisher. His business strategy was to have a multitude of corporate entities that were all working together to produce the same product.

Do you know what name that division is operating under today?

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