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This is how stimulus is impacting the Senate runoffs

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After President Donald Trump shared his disapproval of the $900 billion virus package, the Democratic challengers in the Georgia Senate runoff race are seizing the opportunity to talk poorly about their opponents.

“David Perdue, my opponent, who opposed even the first round of $1,200 checks…has obstructed direct relief for the last eight months, and now decided he wanted to cut it down to 600 bucks when people can barely feed their families through no fault of their own,” said Jon Ossoff.

How will the president’s sentiment impact the race for Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, who have already endorsed the deal?


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Depending on your current age, 45 could be decades away or just around the corner. Either way, there are some unique goals that everyone should strive to accomplish before hitting the big four-five!

Getting rid of debt should be on everyone’s to-do list regardless of age, but it’s essential to knock it out before you start to draw near retirement age. The sooner you deal with it, the sooner you can start saving more money for your future.

Maxing out your net worth is also something that should be on your radar. It will come in handy if you aren’t able to put away enough money in a retirement account.

And most importantly, take care of your health. That is the most important goal to chase after! The healthier you are as you age, the less expensive life will be in your later years.

For a full list of goals you should be pursuing before 45, check out this link!

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There are a lot of people out there celebrating a “win” for President-elect Joe Biden just a little bit in advance of anything being “official” or “bona fide.”

And while there are a whole lot of Americans who are still holding out for a last-minute Trump upset, in the event of an actual Biden win, investing and tax strategies might require a second glance.

Whether or not you “recognize” a clear winner in the 2020 election, whatever happens on Inauguration Day is bound to impact you.

Liking what happens is one thing. Preparing for what could happen is something else entirely.

Here are some checklists that can help you mitigate your risks in the 2021 tax season.

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Will the second stimulus checks be taxed?


Apple is aiming to launch an autonomous electric car of its own design by 2024. However, a report out of Taiwan claims it could arrive much sooner. Apple has started to ramp up orders with automotive suppliers in the country ahead of a debut for the car as early as next September.

Apple has been quietly and secretly working on something in the automotive industry for several years now. Speculation ranges from a complete vehicle to the underlying technology kit needed for autonomous driving—the latter of which Apple has been testing on public roads in California.

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Facebook has declared war on Apple


Business Skills

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Technology skills will be in high demand in 2021, but which tech skills will employers need the most? If you’re looking to enhance your resume and set yourself apart from the crowd, there are five tech skills that you’ll want to master next year.

One of those skills is cybersecurity. There always seems to be a new cyberthreat or hack reported in the news almost daily, so companies are looking to increase their cybersecurity efforts. Becoming a cybersecurity expert will make you extremely valuable to your current employer, or potential employers, if you are on the hunt for a job.

Cloud-native architecture is another tech skill that is becoming more popular by the day. With access to the cloud, most companies have been storing completed projects there for years. Now, more companies are developing projects, products, and services directly in the cloud, hence the need for cloud-native project managers and developers. What other tech skills should you learn for next year? Check out this video to find out!

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