Did this teen kill his family after being released from jail?

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Did this teen kill his family after being released from jail?

Image Source: Fox News

Malachi Maxon, an Alaskan teen, is suspected of opening fire on his cousin, Cody Roehl, then stealing a Jeep Liberty and semiautomatic Glock pistol and fleeing the home. He then arrived at his aunt’s house and shot his aunt and two cousins inside the home.

Maxon has been staying with his aunt for a few days. He was released from jail on November 23 with an electronic monitoring device, which authorities used to track him down. He was arrested when state troopers pulled over the stolen vehicle.

Maxon is facing these charges.


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The markets looked like they would remain largely unchanged on Thursday morning. Dow futures indicated a loss under 40 points. The S&P 500 was also set for a minimal decrease while the Nasdaq was set for a slight increase.

Yesterday, investors grappled with the possibility of a bipartisan stimulus package, which was shot down by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“I don’t think anybody should count on that stimulus, and I think the wise investor is saying, ‘well, it would be nice if it came along, but let’s not count on it.” Joanne Feeney, a portfolio manager said.

Today investors will receive the latest initial jobless claims report ahead of a bigger report due out tomorrow.


These are the best apps for virtual learning

Image Source: Chief Learning Officer Magazine

The ongoing pandemic has made it difficult for both parents and students this year due to many schools going to virtual learning. Without the proper tools, a typical school day can be frustrating.

While many people assume that learning from home is more straightforward than sitting in a classroom all day, that isn’t the case. That’s where this list of the best virtual learning apps and programs can come in handy!

Tools such as Google Classroom, Prezi, and Slack can help both students and parents better organize and plan out each school day while adapting to the changes that come with virtual learning.

Be sure to take a moment and check out the best learning apps for 2020 right here!


Frozen foods are usually not the healthiest choice due to high sodium content, unhealthy fat, and preservatives. More and more healthy options are starting to hit store shelves though, and there are 12 that are worth considering for your next quick, healthy meal.

Healthy Choice frozen meals are great when you’re looking for nutritious options on the frozen food aisle. New entrees such as Power Bowls are especially healthy, as some include barley, quinoa, lentils, and more healthy ingredients. Healthy Choice meals are also easy to find in almost any grocery store, making them a staple for a healthy frozen meal.

Getting your dose of vegetables can also be quick and easy. There are several healthy steamable veggie options out there, including Green Giant Simply Steam vegetables. What other frozen foods should you add to your healthy eating list?


7 money moves to make now to start the new year strong

Image Source: Carrier Law

Estate planning poses some challenges for those who take it seriously. And since it is a topic that reminds us of our own mortality, it could be one we put on the back burner for a little too long.

Or, there’s a tendency to focus on just the documents like wills, trusts, and powers of attorney. And while these documents are important, they aren’t exactly “universal remedies” for the issues that will arise.

If you’ve had estate planning on your own back burner a little too long, don’t worry – there’s still time to get back on top of things.

Here’s where you need to start…

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