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A horrific Formula 1 car crash

Image Source: CBS News

Formula One driver Romain Grosjean was injured after his car crashed and burst into flames. His crash took place only moments after the start of the Bahrain Grand Prix on Sunday. The 34-year-old driver managed to escape after he slid off the track on the first lap.

Grosjean’s Haas car burst into flames after being sliced in two by a barrier. Grosjean narrowly escaped the burning vehicle. His race helmet was singed.He was airlifted to the MDF MC Military Hospital for an evaluation. 


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Dow Jones Industrial Average futures dipped more than 200 points, for a 8% decline. Futures on the S&P 500 slipped .6% while futures on the Nasdaq 100 were .1% lower.

The decreases came as investors digested the news that President Donald Trump’s administration is considering whether to blacklist SMIC and CNOOC, which would “escalate tensions with China before President-elect Joe Biden takes over.”

That said, the Dow is still tracking for its best month since 1987, with a nearly 13% gain. Last week the index reached 30,000. This month the S&P 500 increased 11.3% while the Nasdaq rose 11.9%.

What else is going on in the markets this morning?


How to Zoom like a pro

Image Source: University of Iowa

As companies across the country tackle the call for social distancing, more teams are adjusting to their new normal of remote work.

Remote workers often use Zoom, but now it’s also known for connecting students, families, and offices.

Despite several privacy and security issues that arose alongside the platform’s rapid growth, it now features end-to-end encryption and other ways to protect your account and your chats from Zoombombing and other privacy flaws.

Whether you’ve been using Zoom for years or have only just signed up in 2020, there are several helpful and fun tips, tricks, and hidden features you can find to upgrade your video chatting experience and make your video meetings a little less weird. Check them out!


The holidays usually create joy and happiness for many, but for some, this time of year can create anxiety and trigger seasonal affective disorder. If you suffer from the winter blues, there are a few things you can do to cope during this time of year.

Getting outside as much as you can is one thing that can help boost your mood. Mental health experts suggest going for a walk each day to clear your mind and improve your outlook. Adopting a new hobby can also help you cope with the stress and anxiety that seasonal affective disorder causes.

Even if you usually do not experience stress and anxiety this time of year, experts are cautioning that many people will experience it for the first time due to the stress of the pandemic. This makes it important to learn how to deal with it appropriately.  So, how else can you reduce your anxiety and cope during the winter? 


30% of retirees aren't ready for this!

Image Source: Getty Images

Retirement is something we all look forward to. But there are still plenty of surprises out there. And those surprises usually come about when you learn what you don’t know.

And unless you’ve saved for your retirement EXCLUSIVELY using Roth accounts, then this might come as a surprise to you – at least some of your money has an IRS claim on it.

And they’ve got laws in place to make sure they get what’s coming to them.

And one of the lesser-known rules they use involves something known as “required minimum distributions” or RMDs.

And about 3 n 10 retirees are totally unprepared.

We know that the government won’t accept “I didn’t know” as an excuse, so here’s what you need to know to learn how they work and avoid any future penalties. 

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