US election workers are threatening to quit because they don’t feel safe

US election workers are threatening to quit because they don't feel safe

US officials are bracing for a mass exodus of election workers, after thousands have threatened to quit their posts before the next election. 

After the contentious 2020 Presidential election, thousands of poll workers have complained about backlash from the public. Nearly 1 in 6 election workers reported that they received threats of violence during the 2020 election, while almost 1 in 3 said they did not feel safe on the job. 

Some election workers reported their homes were broken into, their personal information was stolen and shared, or they had to deal with armed and dangerous crowds when leaving polling sites during the election. Many election workers say the crimes committed against them and the threats of violence continue to persist. 

What did election officials have to say about the shocking claims made by workers?And Will the situation really lead to unprecedented turnover prior to the midterm elections next year? 

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