Nord Stream 2 deal sparks backlash: “another tool” for Russia to “pressure and blackmail” Ukraine

Nord Stream 2 deal sparks backlash:

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline will allow Russia to circumvent Ukraine and deliver gas directly to Europe. This could easily make Europe dependent on Russia for energy, at the same time further damaging relations with Ukraine and imperiling the country’s economy.

Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) and 10 of his European counterparts signed onto a joint statement Monday voicing their opposition to the U.S.-Germany deal on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, calling it “another tool” for Russia to “pressure and blackmail” Ukraine.

The Biden administration itself has condemned Nord Stream 2 as “a Kremlin geopolitical project that threatens European energy security,” yet Biden gave it the go-ahead anyway. Why?

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