This is what happened to the man who slapped President Macron

This is what happened to the man who slapped President Macron

The man who slapped President Emmanuel Macron will spend the next four months in prison, and he has lost all of his civic rights for the next few years, French authorities say.

Damien Tarel, who is 28, apparently assaulted the president in a village known as Tain l’Hermitage — an incident he later described as “slightly impulsive.” 

Tarel said he had been “filled…with disgust,” when the president approached him to shake hands. 

“The slap would not have taken place if Macron had not gone directly to me,” the man said. “Otherwise I would have questioned him directly on political issues.” 

For his part, Macron described the assault as “foolish and violent.”

“We get used to a hatred on social networks which then normalizes, and when we meet face to face, we have the impression that it is the same thing, that is unacceptable,” he said. 

What else do we know about the incident?

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