This is how one Tennessee woman protests the vaccine: driving her car through a tent

This is how one Tennessee woman protests the vaccine: driving her car through a tent


Christine Lewis Brown’s booking photo
Image Source: Blount County Sheriff’s Office

A 36-year-old woman decided to ram her vehicle into a Tennessee vaccination tent on Monday, apparently in an effort to protest the shots being administered there, officials said. 

She almost struck seven of the health care workers at that site, and could be heard yelling, “no vaccine,” as she drove her blue Chrysler SUV through the area. 

“I have worked at this location multiple times over the past few months and the area is clearly marked with signs and cones to advise the public of the event,” one official working at the site said. “The driving behavior of Ms. [Virginia Christine Lewis] Brown, as she approached the tent and exited the tent towards the waiting area, caught my attention due to how quickly the vehicle was traveling through the area.”

Deputies say they saw Brown speed directly through the cones and check-in area.

How was she caught and what happens next in this case?

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