Pope Francis to deliver Sunday blessing from Rome hospital

Pope Francis to deliver Sunday blessing from Rome hospital

Pope Francis will follow in the footsteps of St. John Paul II and deliver his weekly Sunday blessing and greeting from the Rome hospital where he is recovering from intestinal surgery. Francis had half of his colon removed July 4 for what the Vatican said was a “severe” narrowing of his large intestine. He is expected to stay at Gemelli, which has a unique suite reserved for popes, through the week, assuming there are no complications.

The Vatican shares that Francis’ temperature was normal again following the slight fever he ran Wednesday evening. It said his treatment and recovery at Gemelli Polyclinic were proceeding normally, with the pontiff walking, eating, working, and celebrating Mass with hospital staff.

A released statement said Francis would deliver his noontime Sunday blessing from the 10th floor of the hospital, an appointment that will recall the practice of John Paul, who also delivered the Angelus prayer and greetings from the hospital’s 10th floor during his occasional stays.

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