Baltimore cop hid 15-year-old stepson’s body in wall

Baltimore cop hid 15-year-old stepson’s body in wall

A police officer in Baltimore is facing charges after prosecutors say the body of his teenage son was discovered “secreted” in a wall in his home. After authorities made the grisly discovery, the suspect Eric G. Banks attempted to steal a fellow officer’s gun. 

Banks was handcuffed and in the midst of being walked away from the scene when he is said to have begged to kiss his children. He requested that his handcuffs be adjusted and then made “a clear attempt” to snatch another officer’s Glock 17 from the holster, prosecutors say.

Banks allegedly “made statements that he is homicidal and suicidal” at the scene. The officer recalled in charging documents that he “stated multiple times ‘you’re gonna have to end this’ as we were wrestling over the firearm.”

Banks was a member of the Baltimore police force for three years, but had already been suspended prior to this incident coming to light.

The cause of death is still under investigation and so far Banks has only been accused of hiding the teen’s remains in regards to this crime.

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