Orlando men are accused of stealing $470,000 from churches across the nation

Orlando men are accused of stealing 0,000 from churches across the nation


Orlando men are accused of stealing $470,000 from churches across the nation

 A series of mug shots beneath the words: “Operation thou shalt not steal”
Image Source: Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Four Orlando men have been arrested, and two more people are still wanted, in “Operation Thou Shalt Not Steal,” authorities say. According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, a group of six Romanian citizens have stolen hundreds of thousands of bucks from an estimated 636 churches around the nation. More than half of those houses of worship were in Florida. 

“This low-tech yet well-organized effort to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of mailed-in charitable donations—at a time when donations may have been most needed—has been stopped,” said Rick Swearingen, FDLE commissioner. “I appreciate the commitment of our investigators, analysts, Cape Coral PD and the Office of Statewide Prosecution for putting these criminals behind bars.”

But how, exactly, did these criminals manage to steal over 1,500 checks, or more than $470,000 in donations?

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Will stock market gains begin to slow down soon?

While economists and analysts are expecting a positive global economic boost in the upcoming quarters, the S&P has made little progress over the last month. 

This week, LPL Research analyst Jeff Buchbinder said investors should expect stock market gains to slow significantly in the second half of 2021 as inflationary pressures and rising interest rates weigh on investor sentiment.

Buchbinder said an extended period of market fatigue is common during extended bull markets, and the 1982 and 2009 bull markets both experienced some significant consolidation in their second years.

What should investors be on the lookout for?

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A ship continues to burn for more than 6 day off the coast of Sri Lanka

The fire
Image Source: USA Today

A cargo ship caught fire off of the coast of Sri Lanka recently, but the emergency situation has lasted much longer than rescuers ever anticipated. 

Wednesday marked the sixth day that the ship has been on fire. The cargo ship was carrying nitric acid and other chemicals, which is only adding to the intensity of the blaze. A total of five tugboats and a Sri Lankan Navy vessel have attempted to work together to extinguish the fire, but they have been unsuccessful so far.  

The 25 crew members aboard the ship were all able to evacuate safely once the fire ignited. Several cargo containers have fallen into the sea due to the blaze and others are in danger of being lost as the ship is beginning to list to the right, due to the fire, rough seas, and high winds in the area. 

So what caused the fire to begin with and what other countries are sending help to extinguish the week-long blaze? 

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Brilliant hacks to help declutter your home

Keeping a decluttered home always sounds harder than it actually is. That statement might get a few sideways glances – but it’s true! It can be a little tricky to get started. It’s easy to create a thousand excuses to keep something that you don’t need. We have all been there. 

You don’t have to stay stranded. Decluttering can be challenging. However, the process could be as pain-free as possible through these decluttered home hacks.  You will be thankful once you get started. 

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Don’t let inflation eat your savings. Here’s how to beat it back

An alligator with a 100 dollar bill in its mouth.
Image Source: Getty Images

While inflation has averaged 2.1% over the past 20 years, this year’s expected rate of 4.4% shows that we can’t expect inflation to be dormant forever.

Many of us do not like risk and are frightened by the downturns in the markets.  So we place our money in the bank and wait, and wait, and wait. Our money has slowly lost purchasing power.

Inflation is there, it’s strong, and it’s an enemy. It’s slow, yet deliberate, and it eats away at our money. Its presence must be addressed and dealt with. Here’s how to do it.

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