New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo finally resigns from office

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo finally resigns from office

During some of the darkest days of the pandemic, Andrew Cuomo was hailed for his leadership in the state of New York. He bantered with his brother endearingly on CNN, claiming the hearts of millions looking for something positive. 

Then, the nursing home deaths came out. Cuomo was accused of covering up the full scope of the impact of his orders to allow residents infected with the virus to enter nursing homes. Officials are still unsure of the exact figures of the deaths this policy caused.

Before Cuomo could recover, a barrage of sexual harassment claims against him were made public. Struggling to maintain his affectionate, cheerful persona, he denied any legal wrongdoing but apologized for what he perceived as unintended discomfort. 

And throughout all this, the Washington Post found that Chris Cuomo of CNN, the governor’s brother, was illegally advising him. A damning report by the New York Attorney General was the final blow. But just because he has finally resigned after calls from both sides of the aisle doesn’t mean he’s safe from further consequences.

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