Man shoots bear in self-defense after the animal breaks into his home

A California man is lucky to be alive after shooting a bear who managed to break into his house and attack him. The incident occurred on Thursday evening in Meyers, California. The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department received a report from a man saying that he was attacked inside his home by a bear. The man said she shot the animal in self-defense. 

The bear had fled the house and ran back into the wilderness after it was shot. The following day, the severely wounded bear was located and euthanized. 

Residents claim that bear sightings are relatively common in the area and blamed out-of-towners who are not responsible for taking necessary precautions to avoid incidents like this one. El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office took the opportunity to warn people that attacks like these can happen and that there are ways to prevent things like these from happening again.

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