Bank robbery foiled when the teller couldn’t read the stickup note

Bank robbery foiled when the teller couldn't read the stickup note

A British man allegedly botched a bank robbery because of a poorly written stickup note. The bank teller was unable to read it. The would-be robber was part of a short-lived spree in East Sussex by Alan Slattery that included one successful theft of $3,300 and two failed stickups. 

Slattery attempted to rob the Nationwide Building Society on March 18 by slipping a note to the teller. However, the teller was unable to make out the writing. It wasn’t until after Slattery left that the staff could make out what the note said. “Your screen won’t stop what I’ve got just hand over the 10s and 20s think about the customer’s (sic). 

Following his first failed stickup, Slattery tried again on March 26. The teller was able to read the note and handed over over $3000 in cash. He attempted one more robbery on April 1 before he was arrested and charged with robbery and attempted robbery. 

Slattery was sentenced to four years in prison and two additional years under supervision. 

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