A man fell 50 feet from a chair lift to his death at a Utah amusement park

A man fell 50 feet from a chair lift to his death at a Utah amusement park

Over the weekend, guests at a Utah amusement park looked up and caught a glimpse of an unusual sight: a man was hanging from the guard rail of a chair lift. 

Turns out, these visitors were watching the final moments of the 32-year-old man’s life unfold. He fell some 50 feet to his death that day, police confirmed earlier this week. 

The man, whose identity was not released, was quiet and did not move as he clung to the ride’s safety bar, video shows

“I am thinking this is a professional gymnast or a stunt,” said one witness who filmed the event. “Last night, I was not able to sleep thinking about that man. I pray for him. I hope he can recover.”

That was before his death was announced on Monday.

Officials are investigating the incident, but they do not believe he purposely released his grip on that handle bar, and park officials maintain that they don’t believe a ride malfunction is to blame. 

“The Sky Ride has been operating at Lagon, without incident at the park, since 1974,” a spokesman said. “Every ride [in] the park undergoes intense safety inspections. This received an inspection Saturday morning. This operates exactly like every chair lift at every ski resort here in Utah.” 

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