Zac Stacy’s ex Kristin Evans alleges she was hit, thrown in harrowing 911 calls

Troubling audio from 911 calls placed by Zac Stacy’s ex-girlfriend document her fear amid her repeated allegations of domestic abuse by the ex-Jets running back.

Stacy’s ex-girlfriend, Kristin Evans, has been terrified of the 30-year-old ex-NFL player for the past three months, according to audio of three separate 911 calls obtained by The Post.

“My ex came to see the baby and just went crazy,” Evans told a 911 operator in the latest call.

Stacy faces felony charges of aggravated assault and criminal mischief after home surveillance video showed him throwing Evans across a room like a rag-doll.

The first 911 call and corresponding police incident report dates back to August, when the couple had an argument about rent money, around the time a messy child custody battle began.

Evans said she hid in her bedroom and placed a teary call to 911 on Aug. 16 in which she begged an operator for police to remove Stacy from the house.

“I just need him removed from the house,” Evans said. “He’s not armed, nothing like that, just needs to leave.”

Kristin Evans sustained heavy bruises after being assaulted by ex-boyfriend Zac Stacy.
Kristin Evans sustained heavy bruises after being allegedly assaulted by ex-boyfriend Zac Stacy.
Court documents
Kristin Evans
Kristin Evans desperately called authorities to remove ex-boyfriend Zac Stacy from their house.
Kristin Evans/Instagram

When cops did kicked Stacy out, they noted he lingered around “menacingly staring” at the mother of his child.

In the second 911 call placed on Sep. 26, Evans told the operator Stacy had smacked her across the face.

Stacy had brought a baby car seat around to Evans’ home in Oakland Fla. when the pair began arguing about where he was living after she kicked him out in late August.

Footage shows Zac Stacy viciously tossing Kristin Evans at their home in front of their 5-month-old infant.
Footage shows Zac Stacy viciously tossing Kristin Evans at their home in front of their infant child.

“He had some mail I was giving to him, he smacked me with that,” she said.

“This isn’t the first time.”

Cops arrived to find Stacy had fled and Evans was “emotionally distraught with tears in her eyes while holding her baby.”

Police noted Evans did not have any visible signs of redness or swelling, but paramedics were called to treat ringing in her ear.

Stacy filed a paternity suit three weeks before the third 911 call, alleging Evans was withholding access to their son.

Former NFL football player Zac Stacy
Zac Stacy will reportedly post a $10,150 bond pending trial after allegedly assaulting Kristin Evans.
Orange County Sheriff’s Office via AP
INJURIES of Kristin Evans, sustained by Zac Stacy.
Paramedics had been called to treat Kristin Evans arriving at her home.
Court documents

According to Evans, she was “extending an olive branch” on Nov. 13 by allowing Stacy to bring over breakfast, when he flew into a rage.

Stacy allegedly picked Evans up by the throat, body slammed her and tossed her into a TV in front of their 5-month-old son.

Evans appeared dazed in the immediate aftermath and struggled to recount the violent attack to the 911 call operator.

“He threw me and hit me and looks like he busted my TV, I don’t know,” she said.

A former New York Jets running back is accused of savagely attacking his ex-girlfriend in front of their 5-month-old son at the woman’s Florida home on Saturday, a report said.
Kristin Evans told police that Zac Stacy was not armed in one of her 911 calls.
Instagram / Kristin Evans

“I can’t even remember, I don’t know.

“He threw his food at my son, at our son.”

A Florida judge on Wednesday refused to increase Stacy’s bond — despite Evans’ testimony that she was “afraid to go home”.

Stacy will remain free on $10,150 bond pending trial in the case but will be barred from entering the Sunshine State, Judge Mark Blechman ordered at a court hearing.