How people could end up living at airports for an extended period of time


Expecting mother vanishes hours before her boyfriend’s car is engulfed in flames

Image Source: ABC News

Authorities are still searching for Dianna Brice, who mysteriously disappeared last week before her boyfriend’s car was found engulfed in flames. Brice is 21-years-old and pregnant. She was last seen at a laundry mat in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, where her mother, Betty Cellini, was doing laundry. While waiting in the car, Dianna was joined by her 23-year-old boyfriend, Justin Smith.

Brice is 14 weeks pregnant with Justin’s baby and takes daily medication for a severe medical condition, Cellini said. Brice told her mother that Justin would take her to get the medication. Around 1 p.m., Celline drove the couple to Justin’s car parked around the corner from the laundromat.

Cellini said she did speak to her daughter a short time later on the phone. Brice informed her they had driven to Philadelphia. She asked her mom to pick up her medication and assured her she would be home later. Brice did not return home. Cellini was able to get in touch with Justin, who told her that he and Brice had gotten into an argument. Brice got out of the car and walked away. Justin claimed he had searched the area for Brice and could not find her.

Later that evening, police in Philadelphia found Justin’s 2018 black Ford Fusion engulfed in flames. Investigators determined that neither Brice nor Justin was in the vehicle.

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