Why “ghost guns” is now in your vocabulary and what it means


Florida street racer gets a long prison sentence after killing a mother and child

WFLA News Channel 8

Nearly three years after the incident, Jessica Reisinger-Raubenolt’s family believes they finally have some justice. The incident occurred in May 2018, when Cameron Herrin, then 18, and John Barrineau, then 17, were driving in separate cars in the Tampa area. Witnesses told police they appeared to be racing, and at times, the vehicles were parallel to each other as they maneuvered between two lanes. The Nissan driven by Barrineau avoided the mother, but Herrin’s Mustang struck the woman and child. 

On Thursday, Herrin was sentenced to twenty-four years in prison, six years shorter than the maximum sentence. Jessica’s family asked for the maximum sentence. Judge Christopher Nash said that Herrin’s track record of speeding contributed to his sentencing decision. In court, one of the central battles waged by the lawyers was over data recovered from the Mustang’s internal computer system, which indicated the vehicle was traveling more than 100 mph moments before the crash.

Despite arguments by the defense that said the lead detective unlawfully obtained the Mustang computer system without a proper warrant, the data was ultimately allowed into evidence. Data from the navigation system also recorded other speeding incidents in the days before the crash.

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